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Greetings and

I am Lady Rain StarDragon (just Rain is fine). I am a Priestess, Spiritual Counselor, Shaman, Healer, and Tarologist.
I can advise you about the healing power of herbs (for further, in- depth information, see your local herbalist or holistic healer), and crystals. I also offer spells (highly focused prayer), assistance with the same, tarot readings, and information on Wicca and Spirituality.

I believe in the ethical treatment of all problems, and present you with all information gathered. I also am willing to help you devise strategies for overcoming and coping with problems.

I read the Celtic Dragon Tarot, Witches Tarot, Angel Cards, Faeries Oracle, and the Phoenix Cards. I am skilled in matters of wealth and finances, love and relationships, but my specialty has to do with spiritual concerns and development. You may talk to me whenever I am available, or you may request an appointment through the KEEN mail system. If you follow one of the five links below, I will expand upon what I offer through keen.

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Specials for Existing Customers

Channeled advice from your personal Spirit Guide is $10.

   First time customers are eligible for free minutes (in U.S.) or free KeenMail reading (other countries).  Customers that refer new customers to me are also eligible for free gifts (referral must mention your screen name for Keen as who referred them).

Individuals I recommend if i am unavailable
Lady Camelon
Lady Megan AKA Earth Mother61
Crystal of Light and Love 5

Groups I recommend if i am unavailable
Healing Hearts
Voices From Beyond the Veil
Spells For Everything

Please keep an eye out for my special offers, as some I only offer to existing customers of mine, and others I offer to new customers.

Blessed be,
Lady Rain

Special thanks for their assistance go to:

Fifty percent of all profits generated will benefit the Sanctuary of the Mother, a church and school of Wicca that is in formation.

  Lady Rain's listings  
  Category Topic Title Rating   Rate   Availability  
  Psychic Readings Tarot Readers *special* Tarot, Healing, and Spells   5 stars
  $2.10     Send Mail
  Psychic Readings Spiritual Readings Everyone has a spirit guide!   Not
  $2.30     Send Mail
  Psychics Financial Outlook The Future is Now! Capture Your Dream!   No Feedback
  $3.00     Send Mail
  Psychic Readings Tarot Readers How to read an Oracle!! (3 min. Recording Date: 2/28/2002)   5 stars
  $1.99     Listen Now
  Psychic Readings Spiritual Readings Meet your Spiritual Guide Now! (3 min. Recording Date: 3/1/2002)   5 stars
  $1.99     Listen Now
  Psychic Readings Spiritual Readings Protective Shields (5 min. Recording Date: 4/1/2003)   5 stars
  $1.99     Listen Now
  Psychic Readings Other How to Bless YOUR Home (7 min. Recording Date: 4/7/2003)   5 stars
  $1.99     Listen Now
  Psychic Readings Tarot Readers You can read Tarot!! (9 min. Recording Date: 4/8/2003)   No Feedback
  $1.99     Listen Now
  Psychic Readings Other Learn Spell Casting (17 min. Recording Date: 4/9/2003)   Not
  $1.99     Listen Now
  Psychic Readings Tarot Readers November's Energy Tarot Forecast (8 min. Recording Date: 9/30/2003)   3 stars
  $1.99     Listen Now
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