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I worked for a little place called Mile High might remember the ads in magazines all over, YEARS ago. I worked from home after that, for a bit, and did readings for special occasions like parties, for those who enjoyed the entertainment factor, and for friends who were at the end of their rope and ready to make changes. I thoroughly enjoyed the looks of amazement on the faces of those who thought they were getting a "camp" those you might find in a carnival or the smoke and mirrors of a staged seance. I never sound like that.

I can begin with cards, runes, tea leaves, or the sound of the voice on the phone but will use the year of birth, also. Any of those things will trigger something that I can't explain, and if I try to think about it then I am not using that part of the mind that goes beyond the mumdane. Don't be shy with the year of birth, it doesn't make the reading any longer or shorter...its just another trigger for me. I pick up on the strongest energy flowing past and through you. For some it is a wonderful epiphany and for others its a strange but difficult revelation. No worries. Your freedom of choice ALWAYS remains intact, but do not call me in the heat of anger. I will not force myself to get through a wall of fire because it is detrimental for me. Anything I see can be changed by your actions, blessed be! I am sure you don't want me seeing something terrible

This is exploration on a very human level, and we connect with the greatest spirit/astral/intuitive messages when we are being our most human selves. Even though many people are sensitive and adept, there are not many who can allow the energy and vibrations to simply flow through them. I bet you know many reasons for that. Be happy that there are those of us who can override this particular taboo.

I find numerology fascinating and will e-mail a numerology reading to someone as a gift every once in a while, but those are extremely brief charts and reports. Full reports can be anywhere between 30 and 140 pages long, depending on the amount of detail required, or if one person is the focus compared to a compatibility chart and report. Here, I will provide brief charts/reports when requested. They will not be gifts, by the way!

***Sample Compatibility Interpretations can be sent upon request**

Remember, Language is the fabric of reality. Try to be aware of the words you use when you speak to those you care about, or those you want to care about you. Once a word is spoken, it cannot be taken back. That moment is gone. No one is perfect. Positive action and positive change are the best evidence of your remorse and love.
I am here to help with that change. Be sure to be prepared for your reading with a calm, focused mind...that is when the results are best!

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