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Welcome Friends Come and Explore the Spirit of the Higher Power

My name is Maharani Rutan

I was born in India and raised in the Western World with Hindu virtues.

We came from a family of people who have great intuition and a sense of clarity and insight.

With our spirituality and an open vision to nature and God .

We are able to get an glimpse of the unknown.

Often times its gives a vision to passages to come as well as give us clarity in what we can change.

Some times life is unexpected and we often create our own obstacle.

Though it may not be our fault but the circumstances in our lives provide us choices and give us the strength to look at what is good for all mankind.

We do not always get the answers we seek.

We need tools to guide us in the right path this is when you must open your mind and soul and reach for what is need to guide you in the right path.

I use Sanskrit tools to guide me to look at your situation more clearly.

I will not always tell you what you want to hear,but rather tell you what you need to know.

I will provide you with solutions or path you can take which allow you to look at your situation in a different prospective.

Our destiny is not written in pen rather a pencil with a large eraser.

Will you allow that pencil give you the righteous path that you want to lead.

Through spirituality and the higher power your destiny can be written in pen with determination and the right tools.

Open your mind, soul and spirit and follow me.

Together we will find what your true heart desires with options and clarity.

Let us join hands and pray together

Om Shanti Om


My qualifications can be found here

If I am not available please go to my on line home at Luxmi Ghur

Please use your keen minutes wisely. I do not predict deaths, health or pregnancy. I also have limitations on how far I will be able to look into the future. Destiny is in your hands by your actions.

International Reader

Clients from: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada,Denmark, England, Finland, France, Holland, India, Ireland, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and the United States.

This website is dedicated to my beloved Grandfather

I hope that I meet you in Heaven so that we can rejoice our love again.

If I am not available please consult my recommended adviser:

Xtrology Of Hollywood

Always remember we create our own destiny and do on to others as you would done on to you.


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