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Dear Seeker,

Several decades ago, I was born under a Pisces Full Moon. At the age of twelve, I received my first Tarot deck. (The "Swiss" deck, and not too user-friendly). Astrology, numerology, and Feng Shui also are passions of mine. I am a vegetarian, a solo practitioner of Wicca, and I find that inviting the assistance of angels continues to slowly transform my life.

Providing Tarot readings to others is part of that transformation. Since year 2000, Keen has provided a reliable conduit for readings.

When I request information from Tarot cards or rune stones, the information flows from your spiritual self to my spiritual self --into my hands as the cards or stones are selected. Your attitude toward that information is your free will-- which can block or expedite your outcome.

Change is the only constant, and your intentions, thoughts and actions change your probable future; thus, receiving a reading will set thoughts in motion that will tend to alter your future. . . .

Most readings go into effect immediately; however, some manifestations are more stubborn, and we see them in the cards (repeatedly) long before they arrive. That is where your positive attitude helps.

You have the power to create a beautiful and fulfilling life around yourself --one tiny step at a time-- even if it is not perfect. Stay focused on that! Follow your gut feelings. Always laugh in the face of misfortune, and ask what it is that you need to learn.

Life is good; it is the expectations and artificial constructs (were humans really made to live in cubicles?) that we are taught to accept as "normal" that become a (sometimes literal) pain in the butt!

Blessed Be,

L. @}--'-,---

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