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Hi, this is Arriana!I have read Tarot cards professionaly for 7 years. I also use of forms of divination to help guide you through life. Life is too valuable to judge others, I try to help you through life strugles with solid advice and care. Often we must make the best we can of a situation, but more often we can change our outcome by changing our actions, this helps us attain what we seek. Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology are helpful tools to help us understand our reasons behind our actions, this also helps us find our true love matches! Call me to help you through this grand adventure we call life. This is my new Keen listing , as I wanted my regular callers to have a lower cost option. I do EMAIL Readings, I charge 10.00 per subject/question included in each email.Please submit birth dates or other relevant information. If you wish an Astrological chart complied for you, please send your birth date, time and location. I charge $15 for a full chart. For a comparision chart it is $25 send both names, birth dates and location of birth. Just send an email request with this information and I will compile these and send you a Keen email with the charts.
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  Psychic Readings Tarot Readers Caring and Accurate Answers to your questions   5 stars
  $5.75     Schedule Appointment
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  Psychics Dream Interpretation Dream's are Keys to our lives   1 star
  $5.75     Schedule Appointment
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