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New clients must email me before calling.

Please read my entire listing, including and especially the DISCLAIMERS! Thank you!

Who I am and what I can do for you:

Although I can gain insight into almost any issue, I specialize in assisting the client in all aspects of relationship management. Relationships are at the core of our world whether they are romantic, business related, family oriented, or in the realm of friendship.

I have been professionally providing psychic readings since 1993 (all of my adult life). Before joining the internet and KEEN, I provided readings professionally on several psychic 900 lines and at metaphysical bookstores.

Empathy is my strongest psychic sense; I pick up on feelings, intentions, fears and hopes of the person calling and the people who are significant to them.

In addition to being an empathic advisor, I am the principal creator of Theta Wave Oracle and author of two books, The Love Crisis Survival Guide and Peace in Color: An Art Journey.

I'm also a Certified Life Coach, Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner, an ordained minister, visual artist and Haunted Attraction Soundscape composer. I have experience as a podcast host, celebrity interviewer, metaphysical magazine editor and was the publisher of MetaCreative Magazine.


I reserve the right to disconnect a call if a customer is abusive or requests validation of a prediction.

If your questions begin with the word 'WHEN,' please call someone else instead. If you are only seeking information about timing, I am probably not the advisor for you.

Please allow at least 5-10 minutes for an appropriate reading.

No reader is 100% accurate, and we can't connect to EVERYONE. The future is not set in stone, it can change due to free will. Many clients believe free will is a cop-out used by advisors, however it is ACTUALLY a Universal law. I can't break or bend Universal laws for you.

I do not offer lottery numbers or locate lost objects.

I do not take calls from clients unless I am feeling spiritually in tune and energetic. If a client starts to rely on me too much, I will stop taking their calls. Spirit will close up and stop giving me psychic information if the service becomes an addiction or misused in some way by the client.

I normally take calls here from my established clientele and repeat callers. If you are a new caller please send me a message and wait for my response prior to placing a call. If you try to call on my line for repeat callers and we have never talked before, I will know you have not read my page and I may block you. If I refuse your call and you try to call repeatedly instead of emailing me, I will block you for certain.

Keen is for entertainment purposes only. Graphics by: Mystikka

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