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I have just recently returned to Keen since the launch of chat readings. I am available for CHAT READINGS ONLY.

In matters of love, career, life situations, opportunities, loneliness, or finance, I will show you what will happen should you continue your present direction but I will also show you how to alter that to achieve a better outcome, if one is possible.
Please remember I am here to give you guidance, not predict your future. My readings are like road maps but you choose what direction you will travel.
The Tarot Cards can help you make more informed decisions now, so that you can have the future you want. I also use my Clairvoyant ability and Psychic energy so that I can give you the details you seek but you must be prepared to hear and accept the truth.

~Are you ready to hear the truth ? Are you ready to take control of your life ? I will not spin you a fantasy or give you false hope. But if you are not ready to deal with the truth, I cannot help you.

Do you need to know if the ex is coming back? Are you are seeking insight and guidance into a new relationship, finding a relationship, career problems/changes or just improving the quality of your life
......LOOK NO FURTHER......
But use the reading to empower yourself.
DO NOT become dependant and use them to obtain a quick fix.
Many people think readings are about predictions, mine are not. They are about getting guidance and insight so that you can understand how your present day actions will affect your future.
Yes, I can tell you if the relationship/job has potential, but its up to you to use that potential.
Yes, I can show you when you will hit blocks and detours, but its up to you to overcome those.

~So take this opportunity and find your path to happiness.~

For over 30 years I have been helping clients find the answers they seek. Coming from a long line of Psychic Heritage, I have been gifted with an ability to see/feel what many others can not or will not. As a former member of the New Orleans Paranormal Research Society I had the opportunity to investigate many haunted plantations in New Orleans and around the Louisiana area. Some of these investigations you can read about in the books mentioned below as well as see on Travel and Discovery Channels.

"If you have come to the crossroads, I will show you what lies at the end of each path, but remember, it is you who chooses the path."

~~~~~~~~~~~Blessings, Love & Light~~~~~~~~~~

I do not answer HEALTH QUESTIONS. It is my policy to give Spiritual Guidance and if you have a health issue or related questions please speak with a qualified physician.
This includes any questions related to pregnancy.
If you just need to know when he/she will call, I am sorry I cannot be of assistance to you. I am not a fortune teller nor do I read minds.

*Over 30 years experience in Psychic/Tarot Readings.
*Paranormal Studies of Haunted Plantations.
*Studies include Meditation, Zen, Yoga, Tai Chi, Law of Attraction.
*Documentation of abilities in 2 books, video and TV specials. Books include "Ghost, Investigating the Other Side" by Katherine Ramsland, well know author and biographer of Anne Rice and Dean Koontz.
"Journey Into Darkness" by Kalila Smith, the book and video.