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My name is Draven Grey and I have over 18 years of experience in guiding people just like you to love, contentment, and the road to happiness, using a skilled methodology of tarot and astrology. I am fast, accurate, and use detail to show you how each direction will be able to unfold for you, in a caring way. I'm here for YOU! Although I will not choose which path you should follow, I will help you to see which elements of each path would be important, so that you can make an informed decision about your direction. I do provide lots of detail in the paragraphs that I send, to give you plenty of information to reflect on, as well as to help you to understand what your position is now versus what it will become later.

I work to be able to connect with you and your situation with deep feeling and understanding, so that we can look at the paths which are before you, allowing you to decide the direction that you want to take. By default, I use Tarot, but I do connect to your situation through my psychic abilities. Please understand that when I see or feel something, I will be honest with you about whatever that may be, even if it is not what you want to hear. What I will do is show you the best path out of any bad situation that might be headed your way, or upon you right now. I am proficient in helping you to understand everything from love and relationships to your financial situation, and everything in between, looking at past, present, and future.

I am here to help you navigate through the various transformations of your life, to help you to find the stability that you need, and to help you to gain the understanding for HOW to maneuver down the path that lies ahead. You will not find judgment here. I have been giving tarot card readings since 2000 and have been reading on Keen since 2004. I enjoy being able to help folks figure out the path that is best for them, and if they have strayed, helping them get back on that path. Whether you are wondering about love, or your next job, or how things are going to turn out for you this year, I am here to help you!

I have been reading Tarot professionally since 2000, and have forged strong relationships with customers from 6 continents and over 30 countries, including the U.K., New Zealand, Australia, India, Canada, and 42/50 states in the U.S. I have an extensive branch of knowledge through my previous experience as a reader, my intuitive skills, as well as my studies of philosophy, sociology, and even chemistry and biology, not to mention the countless hours I have dedicated to learning Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, and other forms of divination.

I picked up my first Tarot deck at the age of 8, back in 1992. By the time I was in middle school, I was able to create natal charts by hand, and still hold a vast affinity for astrology, which I still use in conjunction with my tarot deck. Before graduating high school, I gave professional readings at a shop in my town, and then started reading on Keen in 2004, where I have remained since. I have spent the last several years developing my own system of Tarot and Astrology, from the knowledge that I have gained over the years, and am currently authoring an astrology and Kabbalah based deck with Australian Artist Crystalface.

My readings are designed to show multiple paths forward, allowing YOU to make the decision that YOU want based on the outcome that YOU are given in each respective situation. It is rare that I will answer a question with a simple "yes" or "no," as many of the answers that I receive from the cards show if/then scenarios, which I impart by describing the different paths which would be set for you. I use an astrology based Tarot called the Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley, which uses heavy thematic astrology, to help to show you the different paths that would develop for you with time frames, dates, and descriptions of your situation.


Please feel free to arrange calls with me if I am not signed on. If I am able to take your call, I absolutely will, but please be understanding if I am unable to. If I am unable to take an appointment with you, or an arranged call, please reschedule with me, or send me an email to find out when I will be available again.




I do extensive in depth answers to your questions. The email readings are $25.00 per question or $60.00 for 3. Select the email reading offer that you would like to take advantage of, below, and once you respond to the email after choosing your offer, I will reply with the response. Email readings take 24-48 hours, depending on my availability, but they normally happen much faster than that. If I am on chats, I will get to your email reading when I am done with my chats for the day, unless extenuating circumstances hinder me from doing so.






***EFFECTIVE 3/22/2017***

I send free minutes out to randomly, as well as to customers who do utilize my services more than others. Although free minutes are sent, please be respectful of my time and do not abuse them. Thank you!



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