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Blessings To All Who Enter Here

Greetings and Welcome!

My name is Pax Avatar. I am an empathic listener who genuinely cares about people and their journeys. I am degreed in psychology and experienced in both traditional counseling and spiritual direction. I am an ordained minister with an open-mind to all paths.

I have a four year certificate in traditional scriptural studies. But the path that I follow is eclectic in nature. I participate in traditions which encompass both Western and Eastern spiritualities, Wiccan, African, and other shamanic traditions.

As a reiki master and light worker, I am a natural healer and a firm believer that we possess the abilities to heal ourselves and others.

Let me help you to discover who you are; and help you to create the destiny that you desire.

Blessings, Abundance and Love,


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If I Am Not Available I Highly Recommend:

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