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Appeared on Lifetime's TV show "America's Psychic Challenge."

Thanks for considering an accurate psychic reading with me, Robin. I use the term Zodiac as my professional name, because I am knowledgeable of Astrology, so your date of birth is helpful. I like connecting with Spirit, and opening up with love energies. I can usually tell if you do not agree with me.

Please understand that medical or legal questions should be addressed to a licensed professional, yet I'm obligated to always provide the wisest solution for the best interest's to each of my clients calling for psychic advice.

I seem to always be online and available to take Keen calls. I host a 'LIVE' weekly Cable Radio Network talk show and available on Ruko to watch at your leisure.

I am an author of true crime autobiography as a psychic detective and a series called, "Secrets to New You Love" and about my relationship theories
  • "Translucent Veil; 3rd Eye News Reports"
  • Book 1 - "Secrets to Win a Marriage Proposal"
  • Book 2 - "Secrets Surviving as Newlyweds"
  • Book 3 - "Secrets Surviving a Divorce"

Also, coming soon:

  • Book 4 - "Secrets of the Opposite Sex"
  • "Become an Accurate Psychic"
  • "13 Zodiac Signs"
  • "Elevate Your Life"
  • "An Intuitive Diet"

  • I have many clients, so please arrange a call, if I am unable to answer. And, I am usually always available to you, after 3:30pm-PST daily. I do channel information and may get what has been discussed in our previous readings, but do not limit our psychic readings by keeping notes. I have been told my past and/or future timing is excellent, and it has been said that I am only but a week off, but I most often do see the outcome and can tell why you are calling me.

    My predictions have been proven!

    • I predicted 2 years prior that Katie Wagner would have her son at Cedar Sinai hospital and would marry her son's father on 7/7/07. And, she did!
    • I scheduled a 'Live' television show 6 months in advance for June 5, 2004, because I knew years before of the passing of President Ronald Reagan would happen on 666 in numerology.
    • I told my national radio listeners on a few shows that Thailand was going to have a Tsunami on December 26, 2004 at 10:00 a.m.
    • I predicted Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would marry, have a lot of kids and believe that there are more of them out there too.
    • I look forward to giving you details into your future!
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  Psychics Life Questions America Psychic Challenge TV Show Reader and Radio   5 stars
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  Psychics Financial Outlook America Psychic Challenge Reader gives Timelines   5 stars
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