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Psychic Reno
Intuitive Clairvoyant Spiritualist

Psychic Reno is a 3rd generation Psychic Empath.
Highly experienced practitioner of the Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards

Psychic Reno offers professional psychic readings by chat and email.  Using  a combination of psychic oracle tarot cards and crystals as spiritual tools with his spirit guides to discover the truth and giving you the power to take complete charge of your situation.

Each moment of the past, present & future will be revealed to him, he will bring you new possibilities and your options to enhance or change the situation, all with THE choices you make today.

Reno specializes in spiritual connections (soulmates, karmic, past lives and twinflame connections) he will provide you with a in-depth and accurate psychic love reading to help you understand your love relationship. Visit his blog for more information on Soulmates and twinflames.

He is honest in his psychic readings and his accuracy is amazing!
He will help you to find the path to your hearts desire, helping you to move forward and identifying your path to a peace of mind and happiness.

When we understand more on how and why things happen, the more control we gain to increase our happiness.

This psychic gift also allows him to help you through the hard times you may be going through and how to avoid problems ahead.

Chat with Psychic Reno today and find your true path to a positive future!

Experience a new realm of spirituality as he reveals truths of your past, present and future.  

Email Readings


Spiritual energy Reading
Clarity in relationship and life issues.
Up to 3 questions 10 card spread.


Complete Full life and Soulmate Relationship reading
Most in-depth and accurate on love & Soul mates.
Channeling thru Spirit Guides also determines type of Soul connection and the true outcome of a relationship.
Tarot, oracle and angels cards used  along with Crystal energy.

Please include a photo of yourself if available.

Available in both the English and French Languages

If I'm offline please email me to arrange an appointment

At this time, I'm available for psychic readings via chat and Email, if you would like a Phone  psychic reading, I have selected a group of extremely gifted and authentic psychics.

Spiritual love Psychics

Timeframes are never 100% accurate, I don't give them, I've been been very accurate with getting a sense of the outcome of a situation.

I will tell you what I feel & see during the Reading.
I do use my own spirit guides and my spiritual abilities.
As tools, I also use  tarot cards & crystals.
When you call me, you must have an open mind and be ready to accept the truth!

I would greatly appreciate feedback Click here

God Bless you

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  Psychic Readings Love & Relationships Psychic Soulmate Readings ~ Twin Flames Specialist   No Feedback
  $3.95     Schedule Appointment
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  Psychics Life Questions Accurate Love Soulmates Twin Flames Readings   No Feedback
  $3.99     Schedule Appointment
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  Psychic Readings Tarot Readers Master Tarot - Soulmate Twin Flames Oracle Reading   No Feedback
  $4.99     Schedule Appointment
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  Psychic Readings Spiritual Readings Accurate Love Soulmate - Twin Flames Readings   No Feedback
  $3.99     Schedule Appointment
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  Psychic Readings Other Psychic Love Reader - Soulmates Twin Flames   No Feedback
  $4.99     Schedule Appointment
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  Psychics Dream Interpretation DREAMS REVEAL THE ANSWERS~15 EXP~WORLD RENOWNED   No Feedback
  $3.99     Schedule Appointment
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  Psychics Otherworld Connections Psychic Love Reader Specializes Soulmate TwinFlame   No Feedback
  $5.06     Schedule Appointment
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