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Providing High Profile Services in NY, LA and Paris for more than Ten Years. Accurately Gifted Sabian Symbol Astrologer. I am 23 Degrees Pisces, born on March 13th.
The Following Demonstrates the Power of the Sabian Symbols ...

10 Degrees Sagittarius: A Golden Haired Theatrical Goddess Performs on Stage (The Birth Degree of Britney Spears)

29 Degrees Scorpio: Children Playing on Halloween (The Birth Degree of Jamie Lee Curtis - Halloween was the first feature film Jamie Lee Curtis appeared in ... it easily launched her career and introduced her to the American Public).

2 Degree's Libra: The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed. (The Birth Degree of Christopher Reeve - A horse riding accident suddenly changed Christopher Reeve's life forever, when he was thrown from his horse resulting in life long paralysis.)

11 Degree's Virgo: A Bride with her veil snatched away. (Madonna's moon sign ... "Like a Virgin" was the record that made Madonna a huge international success ... she performed at the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards dressed like a bride with a veil covering her face ... this was easily her introduction to the world at large.)

9 Degree's Gemini: An Airplane Diving toward the ground as though falling. (John Denver's rising sign ... On October 12th 1997 ... well ... we all know how that turned out).
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A genuinely accurate Sabian Symbol Astrologer who has been providing High Profile services, worldwide, for over ten years.

My Astrological Readings offer insight to your past, present and future, as well as the vital energies which you actively harness.

Do Not Guess .. KNOW .. The Sabian Symbols are STUNNINGLY ACCURATE indicators of Divination. These readings are not for those who want a generic reading. Very specific details revealed.

Please offer your Exact Birthdate - with Birth Time (Exact) if you know what time you were born.
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