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I have been communicating with Spirit since a young child. My abilities enhanced as I honed my communications to be more selective of which spirits I could speak with. This had me delving into all forms of divination and by my teenage years I had settled on mostly Tarot for my questioning method. I also work with the Angelic realm and only those guides who are of the Light. My first card deck was an angel deck and from there I explored all the various oracles.

I am a healer and a trainer in Reiki. I AM also an ordained minister and an author of the book, Know What You Sow, am a Certified Life Coach and Hypnotist as well as a Certified Past Life Regressionist. I have appeared in online radio programs and during 2010 I hosted a radio show where I gave live 1-question reads for callers to the program. In 2011, I was on the CBS station's morning program, where they consulted me on numerology and my psychic gifts.

My work is authentic and I come from a place of the highest ethics and honesty. In no way would I follow a path that would in any way affect my karma. My clients notice and appreciate that I put my heart into my work and bring to them genuine answers.
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As an empath, I am gifted in reading the emotions and energies of others. This offers fluidity to your reading to guide you in difficult times.

With only first names I can tell you about a person in a short minute or two. With clear-cut questions you can have accurate answers very quickly. The clearer the question means the clearer the cards are and the clear my guide’s voice is.

As a lifelong Tarot reader, I am given views of your future path based on the present energies and choices you are making. Tarot brings deeper insights into any situation so that you can more quickly realize success in your life or to avoid what would not serve your highest good.

Not every reading will have the answers you want to hear. I will only give the truth of what I see or hear. Sometimes it is necessary to let go, clear out and heal before your heart’s desire can come forward into your life. I am here to tell you what I am being shown, but your actions will influence your outcome. My readings offer solid advice to reach your desires, but your free will can choose to follow that advice or not. I urge you to be patient and see for yourself the accuracy of your reading, which you may not see at first.

My readings give you the gift of Spirit-messages that you may not even realize you are needing but Spirit does realize. What you do or do not do with the messages is entirely up to you. Please be prepared to hear the truth before you call me. And although I am very straightforward in my approach to readings, I do also feel compassionately for your troubles, thanks to my empathic second-sight, and I am non-judgmental.

The method I use works directly with Spirit (where the answers come from). It is important to be respectful of the information that comes in, as it is an honor. Demanding individuals who are not grateful for the communication will not benefit as Spirit will shut down or give less information. In the 40+ years I have worked with Spirit, I can promise you that this is how it is--beyond my control.

This brings us to the main question that almost everyone asks---"When?" I offer timing by monthly increments. I will not guarantee any timing question, however. Spirit is not in "linear" time as we are with our calendars. I have found time frames to be off by a year or more when I went by holidays or seasons. Naturally, I sometimes receive days or weeks, months or years, but I will be humble and grateful, even if it not what I wanted. So I ask, please accept what Spirit gives, whether it is somewhat vague or not, remembering that they are giving what they can "at this time".

My energy healing work is done with the assistance of my light-beings healing team and is available in my purchase buttons. Please note that I work remotely for remarkable energy healing.

I will not cast spells on anyone for you but I can give you some helpful tips or advice to protect yourself from negative persons. Please do not ask me to give legal or paternity readings due to Keen's policy.
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