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I have been communicating with Spirit since a young child. My abilities enhanced as I honed my communications to be more selective of which spirits I could speak with. This had me delving into all forms of divination and by my teenage years I had settled on mostly Tarot for my questioning method. I also work with the Angelic realm and only those guides who are of the Light. My first card deck was an angel deck and from there I explored all the various oracles.

I am a healer and a trainer in Reiki. I AM also an ordained minister and an author of the book, Know What You Sow, am a Certified Life Coach and Hypnotist as well as a Certified Past Life Regressionist. I have appeared in online radio programs and during 2010 I hosted a radio show where I gave live 1-question reads for callers to the program. In 2011, I was on the CBS station's morning program, where they consulted me on numerology and my psychic gifts.

My work is authentic and I come from a place of the highest ethics and honesty. In no way would I follow a path that would in any way affect my karma. My clients notice and appreciate that I put my heart into my work and bring to them genuine answers.
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I intuit through my cards that I know well and have a unique relationship with! I use several different decks, two Tarot decks, the Rider Waite deck and a French deck. I also incorporate playing cards . I will often pull cards from a couple of different decks as each offer valuable perspectives. I have been told that I am fast and I do try to be. As we are being connected on the phone I will be pulling cards on you already to give us that head start.

With only first names I can tell you about a person in a short minute or two. With clear-cut questions you can have accurate answers very quickly. The clearer the question means the clearer the cards are. I like to combine cards with my own intuition because one enhances the other, providing a better understanding of what is going on in a shorter period of time than simply doing one or the other alone.

I have other methods of divination (like Pendulum for example) but I don't do them on the fast-paced Keen venue as they are for slower consultation.

It is very helpful to only give me one question at a time and always first names. It saves you time and money.

I think you would also appreciate my approach to readings because my 40+ years' experience in this method has proven that you will be provided with details and accuracy.
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