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MOTWL is a keen 5***** favorite, renowned channel, gifted medium, author, psychic, spiritual healer known for her accuracy.
Messenger of the White Light is here to build bridge heaven and earth during this time of Ascension. She is an advanced channel, angelic, Ascended Masters, God Source, a psychic medium, and spiritual author. She has been a 5***** advisor on Keen for about 10 years. Thousands of people around the world have been compassionately guided as a result. Kelly first saw the face of Christ in a glass of water at age 10, and near age 20 she was able to communicate with her mother on the other side. Then, later she was awakened in the middle of the night in 2004 by Archangel Michael, who said they would be creating a book together. This resulted in INTO THE WHITE LIGHT: THE REVELATIONS OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. Two more books were angelically delivered to her: 2012 and Beyond: The Truth from AAMichael and her latest release: THE BOOK OF ANIMALS VOL. 1 from Archangel Michael. Email readings are $49.99 and sent as a pay to view. Specific questions are best and I do not do 1-2 minutes readings. Please redeem any free offers for at least a 3 minute call. Please read the Keen Member Agreement. I reserve the right to block any intoxicating and abusive callers, callers under 3 minutes. Much Love~

She is the author of 2012 AND BEYOND: THE TRUTH FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. Her forth book, THE BOOK OF ANIMALS Vol. 1 from Archangel Michael is now available as a pay to view. Kelly is deeply grateful to serve and help empower you.
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I will hear your guidance from Archangel Michael, your loved ones if you choose to arrange a mediumship session, or an Ascended Masters including Jesus. (whomever we invoke). Questions are quickest for you. If your questions are general, the divine guidance for you will be general. Your thoughts can alter readings, and well as something known as Divine Intervention. I invite you open your hearts and minds to infinite possibilities. You may wish to record or take notes. I am so grateful for so many repeat clients over the years. But as of Dec, I cannot continue to accept calls from unrated sessions. Email readings are $49.99 and just as accurate. See button below.

Please read the Keen Member Agreement. I reserve the right to block any intoxicating and abusive callers, callers under 3 minutes. I am fast and 99% accurate. However, we all have free will. If you think something won't happen you can alter any guidance or delay the timing. Archangel Michael inserted channeling rods into my hears prior to hearing my first book from him. I am able to guide you about questions about your pets as well as serve as an animal communicator. I do not do general readings. Make best use of your time and come with questions. Please read the Keen Member Agreement. I reserve the right to block any intoxicating and abusive callers, callers under 3 minutes. Much love!
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messenger of the white light has been a user of Keen since 2003. Getting Life Questions advice from messenger of the white light through www.keen.com is safe, secure and confidential.
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