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my name is danish. i come from a long line of danish psychic women. my ancestors were vikings and spiritual readers. i take my gift seriously and only use it for the higher good of all involved..to guide you to the right path, take the next step and get the information needed to put your free will into action. as my mother once said.."you can see around corners..". simply put, i have precognitive abilities, am empathic and clairaudient. i use cards and another tools in my reading.i mainly use a mix of oracles (runes, tarot...) and my gift..to give you direct but loving advice. just to clarify..time frames are NOT my ultimate strength..i channel much more clearly the FEELINGS around situations rather than dates and times. if i get a clear time frame, i will gladly share it with you. in the interest of integrity, i like to be clear about my strengths so i can share them with you. every single reading is important to me. i am quick, to the point, and will tell you EXACTLY what i am getting in ALL situations. i understand and respect you, your confidentiality and sensitivity. im so sorry but i am unable to do 1 minute readings...if you need a referral to someone who does quick readings, i am glad to recommend another great reader for super quickies. if you are happy and guided by my read, i appreciate feedback. if you are are in need of negotiating my rate i will help you if the situation warrants it. don't be afraid to ask.:) i also do email and donation readings. please ask for details. FYI. I adore my clients and appreciate all your love and support. THANK YOU!! for rocking my world.:)
My gift goes back generations. I was not aware that I was special in this area until I, along with my twin sister, started predicting future events as soon as we started to talk! I went on to learn how to do readings from my Scandinavian grandmother, and mother, and then went on my own as I got older and developed my gift in my own way. I owe my special gift to my family, and I was always taught to respect it, and only use it for the highest good for all involved and help live your best life!
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My approach to readings is unique. When I take your call or chat, I am already tuning into your energy so the more ready and clear you are the quicker I can work to help you and your situation. I need specific questions and I will give you detailed answers:) I will pull Tarot cards during sessions to confirm the messages and impressions I get to create the best mix of psychic information comes from my guides. My readings are quick, positive, and fun!!! I won't waste your time or money - I respect your situation and I am here to help! I DO NOT SEE EXACT TIME FRAMES but i will consult the cards for it and if I can see it, I will share. I read all information around your situation clearly. I will always ask you before dispensing advice. Life is too short to keep wondering- I like clarity and love to provide my clients with it as well. Extreme psychic empathy is my GIFT to share with you. Precognitive insight allows me to then show you outcomes. Live your happiest life!
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