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Being blessed with the gift of Spiritual awareness, it is my pleasure and goal to help you illuminate your life with the ability to manifest miracles!

Aligning with the Divine will open your heart, mind, and soul to a life that is more fulfilling and loving rather than trying to work against nature.

Receive tools necessary to aid you closer towards manifesting your Divine miracles, unveil your unique path, reach your highest and best self!

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Don't Block Your Blessings! Master adviser, formally trained, here to help you discover and live your Divine dreams!

Authentic and unique adviser who provides spiritually grounded and deep answers. Empowerment offered via conveyance of advanced and effective tools for growth, manifestation and enlightenment.

Insights provided for over ten years, mainly in the domestic US. Specialization in personal relationships (romantic, family, work, all types!), prosperity development, and complex career situations.

My belief is that there is a deeper reason for our connection and I surrender any sense of bias, ego, or judgement before any interaction.

Aim to reach reach your maximum potential and to free yourself from limiting beliefs. Relationships work best when we understand all parties involved.
This is accomplished two fold: via both immediate and gradual work. Yes, spiritual manifestation is WORK, but it also heavily rewarding and can be incredibly fun!

I've consulted with individuals and corporations whom benefit tremendously from our time together. The results are real! Examples include: More freedom, greater insight into the feelings and motivations of others; more money; less confusion; deeper, more meaningful connections; HAPPINESS!

All reasonable attempts are made to keep your consultations confidential. Sober, respectful, rational, adult, and ethical clients only, please. Terms detailed below:

Consultations are for entertaining a different perspective and therefore for are strictly for entertainment purposes only. No chat/call/mail or other communications are ever a replacement for medical, legal, or other professional advise. Questions surrounding, but not limited to: lottery, investment decisions, spells, explicit, offensive or otherwise harmful topics are not acceptable.

Without mutual consent prior, no call recording is permitted at any time. All communications are subject to interpretation and in choosing Ana's services, all users understand and agree to all terms.

All users understand and agree that they are in control of their lives and thus understand and agree to all terms prior to seeking services. Accordingly users indemnify advisor “Ana Valentina” from all decisions, consequences, or any other event or decision a user may make at any time.

Users must be a minimum of 18 years old. Prior to seeking services, you acknowledge to have read the above terms in full along with the platform’s updated Terms of Service, agree to them, and have not opted out of KEEN.com’s arbitration clause.

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