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Don't just peak into their thoughts and feelings, TALK to them today! On a soul level, a heart felt one to one session. Reconnect with him/her NOW! As featured from CBS and Star CLE Magazine.
I have had abilities since I was a young child, and I have mastered what the Divine has given to me. Channel with me and my Angel Guides, and allow me to use my abilities to access the deepest dimension of that special someone you desire to connect with. Find the true answers to your questions, and what you need to know. I speak to your Angel Guides, and they speak to me. In addition, my own Angel Guides will always step in to assist you further. Information comes to me in symbols, signs, words, colors, and visions.

It is my mission to help you flourish what we have...that soulmate connection...What is he/she thinking and feeling? Find out instantly what they have been holding back on telling you! Would you like to TALK to him/her? Through a guided soul channeling session with me, I can channel your love AND messages to your significant other directly to their HEART AND SOUL. In these sessions, you will be having a heartfelt one to one conversation with your loved one. You will "know" from the things I say that you are truly talking to your special someone, because words or phrases that come through will sound just like them! These sessions help bring forth healing and forgiveness, so that we can draw them back to reunite and re-connect with you again! So stay positive! I am here to help you manifest what you dream AND deserve!!!

I am able to help relationships with my gifts of:

*Clairvoyance (the ability to summon images of the past, present, and future).
*Clairaudience (the ability to hear Angels and Spirit Guides).
*Clairsentience (I am able to feel what you are feeling, AND feel/sense the feelings of other people, including those involved in a specific situation you are inquiring about).
*I can see your aura AND the auras of people in question

With the help of my Angel Guides, I am able to take a stroll in your shoes to help predict what is coming ahead! Find out instantly what is going on now, and what lies ahead in your future! As a channeler, most of your messages are coming from the person you are asking about. And many times, our loved ones are the ones who hurt us the most...because we will love them anyway...The messages I get come "through" me, not from me. So don't blame me as a messenger. Timelines are also based upon YOU. If you do not or cannot do what my angel guides advise you to, your timeline and prediction can change. Example: You reach out to a person on your own when you originally asked, "when will they reach out?" Please know that was NOT your question, so my prediction will not be the same. You were asking when YOU would hear from THEM, not "will they respond if I reach out first?" Please make sure you are truly asking what you want to know before you call. NO GENERAL READINGS. Please have SPECIFIC questions ready when you call. I connect using first names so have this information ready. I look forward to speaking with you, and guiding you to the right path! My Angel Guides will give you advice during your reading to get you on to the best path, and steer you out of difficulty and trouble. Take this guidance as part of your reading, not as "advice giving." This information is crucial to your outcome, and we are only trying to get you to the most favorable outcome!

It is YOU I care about! I spend a tremendous amount of my personal time doing spiritual work from my own end for you and your relationship, especially if it is a soulmate or twinflame connection. So your call may have ended, but me working for you continues!!! My Angel Guides and I can help you through this higher power, that some even describe as magic. If this person is your true soulmate or twinflame, we can help guide them back to you. But this cannot be done in 2 minute calls. SERIOUS CALLERS ONLY PLEASE!

I believe strongly in the power of prayer. Before you call, I would like to take time to decree...
*PEACE to you!
*LOVE to you!
May your life be filled with this in HARMONY, and ABUNDANCE!

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I am here to tell you what messages come through me from the spiritual realm. I cannot and will not only tell you what you want to hear. PLEASE be ready for the truth. If you ask a question, be prepared for the answer, no matter what it is. I cannot alter information and messages that come through the channel, as it alters the meaning and importance of that message to you. I connect through the use of first names, and be specific with your questions: ex) Does he/she love me? What are their feelings about our relationship? Will he commit? Do NOT come in with generic, general questions: ex) Tell me about love? What's happening in my life? Tell me about love and relationships?
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