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10 minutes for $1.99
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I'm a gifted psychic who enjoys helping others to gain clarity in life's tricky situations. If you think I can help, give me a call.
I'm both a natural and trained psychic. My training has included instruction from top experts in the fields of E.S.P., spirit communication, psychic development, and remote viewing. I'm proud to have learned from my mentor and friend, Ramona Garcia, who was twice named one of the world's leading 10 psychics. I write and teach classes on hypnosis, psychic development, mysticism and spiritual living.

I have a high accuracy rate from lots of experience. I've been a 5-star advisor on Keen for 11 years and have had thousands of very satisfied clients.

My unique abilities and experience can make me a useful advisor for many people. If you think I can help you too, please give me a call.

Before you call: Try to free yourself from distractions as much as possible, and take a few moments to breathe deeply a few times and relax. Focus on the thought that you wish to "connect" with me, and that both of us will receive the information you need.

When you call: Please approach the reading with an open mind and a good attitude. Good rapport is key to a clear connection and a good reading. If we're talking about someone else, just give me a first name and the basics of the situation.

If I'm not available, just send an e-mail, and I'll let you know as soon as I can take your call!

- John
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Greetings! I am an experienced and accurate psychic who gives straight-forward and honest answers to help you through your situation or find peace of mind. I have been clairvoyant, clairaudient, and empathic since I was a child, meaning I gather information by seeing, hearing and feeling things about the people and situations in your past, present, and future. This can help you save your relationship or job, know when it’s time to cut your losses and avoid future pain and misery, or just find some direction in your life.

You can often change the future by understanding your thoughts, feelings, and actions and those of the people around you. I can help you see the hidden layer of things and what obstacles stand in your way.

I expect that my clients want accuracy, clarity, honesty, and efficiency, and these are my guiding principles for every call.
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