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Hi, there. I'm Babs.

I am an empathic (I read energies), clairaudient (with the help of vociferous guides or "the little voices in my head") tarot maven (and I use cards to tune into every reading). I have been conducting somewhere between 6 and 13 hours of paid psychic readings a week for literally 1/3 of my existence on this planet. I hold myself to nearly impossible standards of professional excellence in the fields of being CORRECT and being USEFUL. As far as I'm concerned, a reading that fails to be BOTH isn't EITHER. I am 93% prone to honing in on the gods' honest TRUTH, and 111% likely to say it aloud. If you're not prepared for a distinctly HONEST answer to your pressing question, it would be better if you didn't get a reading at all.

I specialize in reading PEOPLE + RELATIONSHIPS and PATHS.

I have a knack for figuring people out. I can just as easily tell you what's going on in your kid's head (or your coworker's) as your man's. I can help you find out where they're coming from, what they want, why the hell they did/said that one thing --what they're most likely to do next. I tune into the energies while my cards tune into the thoughts and motivations, and my guides interject useful information throughout the entire process. If your people are wonky or your relationships are rocky we will also be able to figure out a game plan or two (or three) to attempt to improve or reset things. If there's conflict, we can help you make it the constructive kind. If he's got you so mad you don't even know what you're mad about any more, we can help sort that out too.

My PATH readings are bigger-picture affairs regarding general subjects (love, life, career, spiritual) or long-term goals and opportunities. My guides, the cards, and I provide insight into what's ahead of you and offer advice regarding how to best to proceed with, adapt to, or change those events. These are the only general readings I provide, and I only provide them because I happen to be good at them.

I AM NOT A FINANCIAL READER. And regarding WORK READINGS: I can tell you what every person in the interview or the office thinks of you, but I have NO FREAKING CLUE WHETHER THEY'LL HIRE OR FIRE YOU. I will not and in many of the following cases legally, literally CAN NOT answer questions about : Pets, Benefits (disability, unemployment, or otherwise), GRADES/EXAMS, Medical Issues (up to and including PREGNANCY and paternity), Gambling, Evictions, Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Child Custody, or any other kinds of LEGAL ISSUES.

I understand that being a personal psychic often means providing a life-line to customers in times of need. As far as I'm concerned helping distraught people sort themselves out, providing a calming, rational influence to people in the middle of a personal sh*tstorm IS IN THE JOB DESCRIPTION. However.

I will not entertain addictive behavior on my line. I simply have not got the energy to help ANYONE put themselves back together more than once a week. If getting another reading makes SENSE (if something's CHANGED, for instance) then by all means ring me up again two days later. But if you want someone to hold your hand because the anxiety crept back in you need to find a BETTER COPING MECHANISM than PSYCHIC READINGS.
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Skills & Methods
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My job is to interpret pure metaphor and translate it into useful information. If you'd like to get to the bit where I prove my abilities in the most time-efficient AND impressive manner possible you're going to have to put aside the flaming hoops and trust issues. I do NOT play guessing games and I especially LOATHE "Test the Psychic." If I need contextual details (information we both know you know, like "how long have you been together?") I will ALWAYS ask YOU before I waste time asking my CARDS.


Nine times out of ten the customer who spends five minutes on the line lobbing a series of ill-framed YES/NO questions at me like a nine-year-old with a shiny, new Magic 8-Ball becomes the customer who complains that I have not answered ANY of his/her questions. (Or worse, that I'm being intentionally vague!)

Listen up, kids!

(1)YOU'RE (probably) ASKING THE WRONG QUESTION. It takes a certain amount of finesse to pose a Y/N question that will receive a straight answer --or ANY answer aside from, "You have asked the wrong d*mn question."

(2)The straightest possible answer is often : "MOSTLY YES/MOSTLY NO." Because that's how reality works. There are very few absolutes in life, and most of them can be found in the "Topics I'm not allowed to read about" section above.

(3)THE CORRECT + USEFUL ANSWER IS ALWAYS : "(mostly) yes/no BECAUSE..." I have ZERO tolerance for individuals who expect their yes/no answers served up instantaneously and without context or commentary. It goes against the principle of my Work and the very fiber of my being!


Timing is the result of my READING of your SITUATION, not some special gift that allows me to pull miraculously accurate dates out of the aether. Start with the SITUATION not the blasted TIME-FRAME. If you insist upon asking "when" before "whether" (or "when" before EVERYTHING) I will be forced to ignore your question and replace it with my own. Also, since increasing the zoom only decreases the resolution, I don't mess with timing in increments smaller than "within a week."


I most CERTAINLY do not know where your man is at right this minute (or who he was with last Saturday night). I don't find lost objects, pets, OR people. And I have my OWN ways of finding out whether and to what extent infidelity may be happening.


I consistently send free minutes to every RETURNING customer. If I see that you've called me before, I will immediately add minutes toward your CURRENT call or chat.
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