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Use my connection to spirit and the angels as your channel to find out how to tap into your potential and find your destiny path! My specialty is love, decode their behavior now! NO GENERAL READINGS!!!!!!
No general readings or vague questions please, I am very quick to tune in and I never want to waste your time so a specific question plus first names will help us to get the answers fast and not waste your time or money! I am here to help you and I do not ever tell you fluff, give you long pauses or draw things out to make our calls or chats longer. I do send out free minutes weekly to those who placed a paid call the week before as a thank you as well.

By picking up on feelings through energy and the information my angels and guides share with me I will help you find the answers you seek and begin to live the life you want! With a modern approach backed by old school European traditions, my readings and abilities help you understand what is happening now and how to change the future to work for you!!!

I was born in Europe and came to the states as a young child, I am the only great grandchild of the well known Italian psychic Basso lineage and trained under European master psychics in developing my psychic gifts. I began reading tarot at age 6 and giving readings at age 12. At age 18 I began giving psychic readings through psychic sites while pursuing my degree in sociology with my focus on counseling and mental health issues. I worked in social services and mental health until I left 2 years ago to join Keen and follow my life calling to give psychic readings full time. As a law of attraction coach I can show you how to achieve your life destiny, with my work and educational background I can help guide you through any hard times and find your light again. I can teach you how to manifest your destiny through energy work, affirmations, visualization and the law of attraction.

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I am an empathic medium, claircognizant and clairsentient. This means that as soon as I answer your call or chat I am picking up on feelings, as we begin to talk I am connecting to your energy and the energy of anyone you are calling about and through that energy and feelings I am given the answers to your questions. My angels and spirit guides confirm the information. I do connect very quickly and I will never waste your time, however at times I may ask you a few questions to confirm that I am on the right track with the information I am receiving. I am an open channel, when I connect, the information flows and I am able to give you honest, accurate insights. I am certified as a master psychic, life coach, law of attraction specialist and have an educational and prior professional work background in social services and mental health. My focus is to not just give you answers but the tools to create your best life!!!!

What I need from you to give you the best and most accurate reading:

I do not use tools, I do not need birthdates, just names and last point of contact plus your question. Please allow at least 5 minutes for your reading and if you want a tarot reading please email me before your call so that I can shuffle the cards prior to our reading so that we don't waste a second of your call!

I will not give you false hope, I will not feed you nonsense, I am not a reader who wants you to be dependent on me, which means if you are truly willing to listen I will help you create the best life you can and lead you to your destiny path so that you can make the right choices for YOU. Some things are predestined, however I believe the future is written in pencil and not stone and together we can help you create a brighter future.
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