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Extra-sensory: clairaudient, clairvoyant, empathic, aura reader, telepath who can find tell you the truth of where things stand NOW and if there is a way to change your future in a constructive way.
I began seeing auras, visions, spiritual beings and energy as a whole at the early age of five, and at the time, didn't quite know what to make of it all. My world was full of colors and shapes that no one else around me could see. Once colors were seen around people, I began to sense more and more information about their personalities, emotions, physical and mental well being, spiritual well being and even had visions about their futures and got messages from higher dimensional beings around them (spirit guides and angels). After having an experience with an archangel, I also was able to channel ascended beings, the higher power of living people and spirit guides. My current favorite deities or ascended beings to channel are: Yeshua (Jesus), Kali Maa, Mary Magdalene, Osho and an ascended being from the planet Andromeda, who goes by Astrea. Ask me and I'll see if they can be channeled for you as well, to answer your questions!

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Clairaudient Clairvoyant Clairsentient Angel Readings Medium
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Exra-sensory aura reading:

Using all of my extra-sensory abilities, this reading entails a detailed view and interpretation of all layers of the aura (physical, mental, emotional/spiritual). This reading will help determine your life purpose, spiritual path, physical and emotional heath state, best career choice options, spiritual gifts/abilities, how you are connecting to people around you and what their purpose is in your life, personality strengths/weaknesses and so much more.

You will be shown your primary life color(s), told your spiritual purpose based upon the color, shown how to best heal, integrate and spiritually evolve and so much more, based upon your primary and secondary colors of your aura. We may also take the time to read someone else's aura who is in your life (relationships of all types: romantic, friendships, family and working relationships).

Aura readings also open up my clairvoyance in a way where I can take a peak at any questions related to your future path as well. These questions include, but are not limited, to love life questions, questions about your relationships with parents, children or other family members, remote viewing questions, and questions regarding professional relationships of all varieties.

**Disclaimer: timing is not my forte because time is a man made device. Even knowing the future path alone could change the timing of it. Even though I am a medical intuitive, I am not qualified professional to diagnose or cure an illness. Predictions can change based on free will components.**


As a telepath and transchannel, I use many of my abilities to channel.

1) Soul Essence Channeling: this session is very empowering because this is when we get to channel your Higher Self to learn all about you! To prepare for this session, I suggest that you come to a session with prepared questions you'd like me to ask your Higher Self. I will channel the answer YOUR SOUL gives you and repeat them back to you. These answers can be very empowering if you don't understand why you have blocks in your life, including but not limited to love/relationship blocks, blocks to happiness, physical health blocks and abundance blocks.

One may also use soul essence channeling to ask questions of other people around them (friends, family, love relationships or professional relationships).

disclaimer: keep in mind that I must ask the person's permission at the soul level to be able to do this, and even then, if we ask a question they don't feel comfortable answering, we will not get those answers, as that would not be spiritually ethical.

2) Spirit guide channeling: This is a session where I may use clairvoyance, clairaudience and telepathy as a whole to get in touch with your spirit guides. You may ask them any questions you want within ethical boundaries and they will answer you via me channeling them.

3) Ascended master channeling: Choose one and ask them a question. I'll bring them in for you.

Akashic Records Reading: This type of session calls me to give a detailed review of your akashic records, or what humans know as "past lives". By viewing these records, I can determine your planet and/or star system of origin, then retrieve specific events that happened to you in the time period you were there.

Extra-Sensory Life Coaching:

This session is a combination of you asking any psychic questions you may have about your past, present and future, unblocking your chakras, grounding/cleansing/healing tools utilized and then taught, channeling your higher power (or anyone around you) and guides and law of attraction processes for manifesting a better present and future.

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