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HUGE SALE! 50% OFF MY RATE THRU VALENTINES DAY! Rated #1 Psychic in my State 2 yrs in a Row according to Google! Powerful Intuitive and Empath - Love and Relationship Specialist! Get Motives, Feelings, Intentions and Outcomes

"Emily is a talented intuitive that can communicate clearly what she sees that can make a difference . I rely on her vision and keen insights to support me through the difficult moments in my life."

"Emily is fantastic. Very quick and direct in her approach. No sugarcoating - so be prepared. Her prediction about the person in question was spot on and the results happened in the timeframe that she said it would. What I liked most was that she sent me images of what we did at the end."

"She is really down to earth and gives you a lot of details. Emily really picked up on my current situation and described how I would handle it. She gave accurate info about the guy in question and what he is going through. The power of prayer will get him through. I would recommend her services and will do business with her again."

"Emily is professional and courteous. She made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Thank you."

"She was spot on with my reading. Everything that had been troubling me, Emily made very clear what needed to happen and why it was happening."

"This was my first experience of the kind, and I’m so glad it was with Emily. She has such a genuine, warm aura that I couldn’t help but feel safe diving into the reading with her. I left feeling surprisingly comforted and empowered despite the chaos of my life. Would absolutely recommend, and I can’t wait to return for another breath of fresh air."

"I received on point clarity regarding my previous relationship. She pinpointed majority of his major qualities. She picked up on things I didn’t ask. I would recommend anyone going through a struggle to se her. I will go back for another reading. I enjoyed my overall experience with her, I felt like she truly cared about me during the reading."

"I met with Emily last week and I found the reading with her to be excellent. I felt comfortable with her and I also felt like she was on point with her readings. There were things she told me that were seen in my future and seriously the very next day they happened. The reading that she gave me helped me feel at ease with my life situations and gave me a sense of comfort for what was ahead for me. I would highly recommend her. Not only did I feel like she as able to answer my questions and ease my mind, but I felt like I was with a friend that truly cared about me and wanted to help me. It was an amazing experience and I will be going back!!!"

"What a wonderful experience Emily is such a joy and made me see things I need to work on and change. She has a awesome upbeat personality that made me feel comfortable. She is there to help you and we need more like her in the world! Thank you a ton Emily"

"Emily was absolutely amazing! So friendly and welcoming right from the start. She made me feel so comfortable and at ease. I have never had a reading before and she was very kind and patient explaining things. She is down to earth and very funny, but didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear, the clarity she was able to offer me was very needed and appreciated. She definitely picked up on things I hadn’t even thought to tell her about my situation. He’s accuracy was on point. I will definitely use her again and would recommend her to anyone."

"Emily's reading was the most accurate reading I have received. Readings I have had in the past left too much for interpretation. Emily's is clear cut and you don't leave until you have gotten your answers."

"Emily was really friendly and I felt comfortable opening up to her. My reading gave me a lot of clarity and I feel like I got my power back. She was very helpful in guiding me and helping me ask the questions I needed answered. I'm not sure what will happen in the future, but I definitely feel more at peace now."

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Please take a moment to read the following prior to a reading with me. I lay out everything for you to know what kind of reader I am and how to have a successful reading with me:

If you'd like a reading from me, please understand that at this time I am ONLY offering chat readings.

I will not sugarcoat your reading. There is a moral code for me which goes along with being psychic and being non transparent goes against everything I believe in as a reader both morally and ethically. I promise to tell you exactly what comes up whether it is positive or negative. I promise to deliver insights with compassion and empathy. My sole reason for giving readings is to provide you with clarity and give you the tools you need to make the best decisions for you in your life. I promise to provide you with details and information to assist you. Having said that, make sure you invest enough time in your reading with me so that I have the ability to do all of that. Do not expect for me to provide infinite answers in a 3 minute reading. Please be realistic.

I am happy to report that according to Google Business Listings, I am rated the #1 psychic in my state for the second year in a row. I am highly reviewed on the internet and many people seek me out after reading my reviews. I specialize in tuning into a person's feelings, intentions, motives, and determining FINAL OUTCOMES. Why did the relationship REALLY end? Did they cheat? Can I trust them? Let's find out! I can also differentiate between what a person 'feels like doing' versus what they are actually going to do. Action versus no action. You will find me to be a straight forward reader. I will not read a script to you. If you want for me to read for you, please allow me to do so. That means letting the reading sink in before you challenge what I have to tell you. Let the insights sink in and be open to them.

I know my strengths and I'm not a general reader. I do not answer "general questions". General questions are open ended questions with no specific focus. For the BEST possible reading with me you need to ask SPECIFIC questions with a focus. These are questions that I can pin point and tune into very specifically and give you a more specific, detailed answer. I try to be as specific as possible in my readings - nothing generic. I can only answer 1 question at a time so please, be patient.

When is it going to happen?? Ahhh, yes, one of the laws of physics. TIME. Timing is liquid, thus it is bound to change given all the components involved in every day life, but the outcome of a situation is what will most likely stay the same. You cannot negate a prediction's credibility without allowing it ample time to come to fruition. For that reason, I do NOT answer questions involve timing. "When will they call?", "When will I meet the One?", "When will I see him again?" Please do not ask me these questions in a reading.

I have been reading Tarot since my teens and I incorporate the cards into each reading I conduct. If you are against using cards I am not the right reader for you. Most people find my readings extremely detailed. I definitely don't consider myself a 'tarot reader', however. I have a very unique style of reading. The cards tells me a story as I read their sequencing and nomenclature along with your question. I look at the imagery, the colors and the positioning to decipher the insights. I have developed my own style and it has served me very well over the years.

I hope this didn't seem too stringent. That was not my intention. My focus was to invite the right type of person to connect with me and to caution those that feel I may not be a good choice before spending their money and time on a reading with me. If you're undecided, you can find reviews on me if you simply search. I look forward to reading for those that feel I am a good choice for them and my reading style appeals to them.

Emily L. West

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