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It is Vital that you READ the following prior to Calling Or Entering Chat :

I REFUSE to sugarcoat your reading. It goes against everything I believe in as a reader both morally and ethically. You will get the truth with me whether you like it or not. It is unreasonable to punish me by writing bad feedback because I tell you, "No, it is over" or "No they do not share the same feelings for you". I will tell you exactly what comes up whether it is positive or negative and I will do so with COMPASSION and GRACE. I am here to provide you with CLARITY and give you the necessary tools to move forward. I will provide you with details and information to assist you. Every reader is different. You are ONLY invited to contact me if you respect and understand that I am going to give you MY take on your situation. Please be OPEN to it or please do us both a favor and find another reader. Otherwise, you are simply wasting your money. I say all of this not to be harsh, but to save everyone a poor reading experience. Thank you.

I am highly reviewed online and many people seek me out after reading my reviews. I specialize in tuning into a man or woman's intentions and determining FINAL OUTCOMES. I'm a no nonsense reader. I am going to tell you exactly what comes up. That's what you're paying for, right? If you are going to challenge the insight or not be open to it, we are not a good match.

I know my strengths and I'm not a general reader. I do not answer general questions. General questions are open ended questions. A prime example is; "Do you see me meeting someone in my future?" OR "Is my love life going to improve soon?"

Specific questions only, please. Specific question examples may be; "Are my ex and I going to reconcile?" OR "Is my boyfriend or husband cheating on me?" OR "How does ____ feel about me?" These are questions that I can pin point and tune into very specifically and give you a more specific, detailed answer versus something more broad. I try to be as specific as possible in my readings - nothing generic.

I always say that a good reader can decipher the difference between what a person is 'thinking about doing versus what they actually WILL do'. That's where I come in. People often look to me for a reading after they have consulted many other psychics on the same issue. You may find that my take on your situation is opposite to other readers. With given time, my predictions are known to manifest and not necessarily in the order you thought they would. Timing is liquid, thus it is bound to change given all the components involved in every day life, but the outcome of a situation is what will most likely stay the same. You cannot negate a prediction's credibility without allowing it ample time to come to fruition. For that reason, I DO NOT read timing. Please do not ask for a time and then leave me poor feedback because I refused to give it to you. That is completely unfair and unreasonable.

I have been reading Tarot since my late teens and I incorporate the cards into each reading I conduct. If you are against using cards I am not the right reader for you. Most people find my readings extremely detailed due to the cards that come up. I do not consider myself to be a simple tarot reader, but rather a highly intuitive psychic with empathic abilities to read what's to come.

If my reading approach sounds acceptable to you - I invite you to contact me for a reading!

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