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He is rated one of the top out of all the psychics on Keen. The numbers speak for themselves. He's given over 95,000 readings with 50,400+ reviews. No Legal Or Medical Questions, Or Anything Related.
I read with positive energy and I am outgoing and friendly. I try to make my readings enjoyable and fun. I believe in reading with laughter, love and joy. Laughter is filled with wonderful energy for the heart and soul. I have been a reader for many years with a lot of experience. I have given over 95,000 readings on Keen alone, and have many of the same callers throughout the years. And I have over 50,400 reviews this is a very large amount of reviews. I enjoy helping others to try to get a better idea of what may be going on in their lives . Remember no matter what kind of reading you get, the ultimate outcome is a result of you guiding your own destiny. The reason that I chose my keen user name is because it is very spiritual, Joshua was the guiding light that led the Israelite's into the promised land. I liked to be called Josh. I believe we are all born with six senses not just five, just like we can all sing unless we are mute. Some people are born with a better voice than others, yet we could all improve our voices through practice and can learn to carry a tune. It is the same thing with our sixth sense. I do believe that through practice you can improve your abilities. I also believe that when we ask our friends for advice or what they think is going to happen, their 6th sense can kick in and guide us without them even knowing it. Readings are not promises and nothing is set in stone and the ultimate outcome is a result of you guiding your own destiny, and Gods will. We should not live our lives by a reading, but instead enjoy the reading and the time you have with the reader.
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The River Of Life changes it's current often, That is why I photographed the picture of the the river, it reminded me of life and how it keeps changing. I try to answer your questions in a sensitive and kind manner. Please have your clear questions ready. I always try try to make my readings enjoyable and to the point. I do not believe in spells or curses so please do not ask me about them, no one can control you. I believe in God, love and happiness, not hate, fear and control! Readings are not promises and nothing is set in stone and the ultimate outcome is a result of you guiding your own destiny, and Gods will. I do not use Tools or cards during my readings. The reading you get from me (KEEN USER NAME) Joshuas Guiding Light and or this listing is solely for entertainment purposes only without limitation
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