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FORMER HOST OF KEEN RADIO and TOP RATED ADVISOR providing insight on thought, emotion, agenda and direction. Gain clarity and guidance to move your relationship forward.
Empathic Intuitive, Metaphysician, Master Certified Life and Relationship Coach, Relationship Facilitator, BA Psychology, MA Metaphysical/Transpersonal Psychology and certified in Tarot reading (Tarot Guild Member 2010), Usui Reiki Master, NLP, Sound Healing and Intuitive Communication.

I am a wife, a mother and proud owner and founder of Intuitive Medicine. I began my practice online in 2002 and have built both a private and online community of clients that is strong and loyal. Today I work mainly as an Intuitive Therapist (combination of intuitive readings and direction forward) in the areas of life-fulfillment and love and relationships. I assist my clients in mastering manifesting as an art form so that your life truly begins to reflect the deepest desires you have.

I am fortunate to write for and been featured in many International magazines popular on newsstands today. The body of work that I have amassed in the past 16 years is reflective of my key principals that we are all brought here to do wonderful things. To feel good. To feel abundant. To feel loved. And it’s this body of work that I feel most proud of through the changes, strides and smiles of my clients.

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Confusion, self-doubt, frustration and feelings of hopelessness distract us from our purpose, our aim. They take us off our game. Getting advice from our girlfriends is fantastic but getting advice from someone who sees beyond the veil, who understands the emotion, the agenda, the intentions of the person you are involved with? Well that is a recipe for taking back control of your most important relationships.
My clients come to me because I deliver a service that transcends the desperate need for prediction and helps them navigate their situation in a way that feels empowering. That helps them to direct the course of their relationship.
I help clients gain the advantage in their relationships by knowing exactly why their love interest/partner is doing what they are doing. I help you to know what is beyond the mask they wear. Why what they say doesn’t match what they are doing.
What I provide clients is a schematic that helps them to make empowered choices that give them the upper hand.
Games are for children. What we do in our session is help you to understand exactly how to respond, what to say, what not to say and how to leverage the situation to your advantage so that you are no longer left in the depths of hopelessness and never-ending drama. With the right insight, you are able to be true to you and still get what you desire.

I am direct and to the point. I don’t round the edges of my language and if I see you being taken for a ride I will tell you unequivocally so be prepared. This is my duty to you as the person who has your back through thick and thin. My clients call me the fly on the wall for a reason-I sniff out agenda, intention, emotion and the next steps immediately and can help you to navigate, with empowerment, the connection.
When you come in for a session I will ask for the names and dates of birth of those involved as well as your questions and some background. My emphasis is NOT on prediction but on helping you to understand the emotions, the agenda and the intentions of the person you are or seek to be involved with. This helps me to direct you on the best course of action for getting what you desire or helping you to cut cords of attachment to relationships that are not evolving.
I am quick and to the point and do not mince words. Once I have the info requested my readings typically last no more than 10 minutes.
My specialty is in love and relationship. Specifically, relationships which are stuck in a pattern of off and on, partners who are dragging their feet or are non-committal. If I see that the patterns are not changing I will help guide you in the direction that will be of your highest good. My goal is to ensure that you know precisely what to do so that you end patterns of being taken advantage of, manipulated and being under appreciated. I help you to solve communication issues that have kept the relationship in stagnation by showing you another approach to common issues.

You will leave our session feeling armed with the truth, clearer than you have been and empowered with the knowledge of your next steps.

I am available via chat but you may also arrange a call to get in queue or set an appointment. I will receive a notification and call you back as soon as my schedule allows. Please note that I have a very demanding private practice and 3 children that I tend to at home so my schedule on Keen is limited. I also offer email readings so feel free to reach out to receive additional details.
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