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4th Generation Psychic, I am a direct channel from my guides/angels. An empath that can feel others emotions. Also, NO GENERAL READINGS. Specific Questions only! Get specific insights, see what is serving you. No False Hopes.
I am a certified reiki practitioner and can offer distance healings, as well. I am a true Lightworker. My Maw Maw, (of Cherokee Indian heritage)...noticed that I knew things that I had no possible way of knowing by age 3. I am a first wave Indigo and an empath. I care deeply for the planet and animals especially. I am strongly connected to nature and believe my "mission" is to help bring this planet to a higher vibration.
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I can read the energies of my clients and the energies of those in question.I also channel messages from the angels. I speak directly to my spirit guides. They provide me with messages, visions and details in regards to your situation. I can let you know exactly how someone is feeling and what they are thinking. I can give general timing, but remember the free will actions of yourself and others can change your timeline slightly -- it will never be 100% accurate all the time. I can predict a major outcome in the timing of seasons, as I feel the 4 seasons specifically. I specialize in soul mate and twin flame connections. I am able to diagnose these connections clearly. For best results, stay open to the messages that I receive for you, b/c they may mean a lot more to you in the future (even months, years later). Will use oracle cards to clarify for you, if you would prefer.

Please note *** I do not encourage repeat readings on the same subject/POI where you are spending too much of your personal funds causing hardship. Things need time to manifest or unfold. I am very sensitive to picking up anxious feelings & that could have an effect on your reading. The purpose of the reading is to receive the information you need to make your own choices, that are best for you! I get the information from the Divine (angels/guides). A good reading will always resonate with your own intuition & I can assist you with tapping into your own abilities as well. My clients are always in control of their reading and what they would like to manifest. I will deliver the information based on what I see and how they can manifest what it is they desire. We will together review if what you want is in your best interest or even possible @ this time. Healing and clarity are also a priority! I am also a healer, so I send positive energy my clients, to open your heart-- so you may receive the blessings that you are hoping for. If you do not feel you are worthy or deserving of whatever you are asking for, it will take a lot longer to come to you! I also take breaks regularly to clear my energy between clients (I will address your concerns as soon as I can). Gratitude and Blessings for Choosing Me! :-)
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