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Sara's secret systematic method of connection makes her the most thorough advisor online! Accuracy, details, divine-mind readings! Call for your psychic acceleration! Energy work healing expert no extra charges
I am fortunate to have been on Keen since 2009 and heading towards 60,000 readings. I have an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a graduate degree in Counseling Psychology. A lot of what I help you with in my readings is using deep analytical psychology into human behavior along with psychic intuition, remote viewing and I literally view the energy of the situation from my mind's eye. I will hear things in my head, and see very exact clear visions. I see people's bodies/energy because I am also a healer. I live from my heart and that will get extended to you, always. Please no pregnancy or fertility questions due to Keen rules. Please note, I am a fast reader and I will be answering your questions right off the bat quickly within the first minute or two but please understand I will not know everything about you within that time, more profound insights take longer than one or two minutes as I connect with you better. Thank you.

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A reading with me will be a different experience than you will have ever had because I will be giving you a reading from my mind and connecting with yours, and the person or people whom you are asking about. This will be using clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and high-level remote viewing. I also do energy healing work which I send to you, upon request which is a form of white light, an extreme positive energy which people tend to feel right away. I will likely hear names, or at least initials (letters) and very exact details to verify, and will also see what is going around the people you are asking about. My goal is to help you be happy, succeed, solve life's greatest mysteries, and to excel in life. My readings go out as far as you would like (years if that is what you want, I can remote view anything).
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