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10 minutes for $1.99
I read intentions, feelings, motives and desires. I am a Unique and powerful Clairvoyant: I see pictures in third Eye that tell me what you are going through. My readings are accurate and details. I am kind, yet honest.
My mother was a gifted clairvoyant, and my father could clearly see the future. As I was growing up, they encouraged me to develop my psychic gifts. I started reading the tarot when I was 9 years old. As I matured, I decided to follow in my mother's foot steps and focus on developing my clairvoyance.
I see pictures in my third eye that tell me what you are going through. I see symbols and colors that tell me about you and your life and loved ones.
Love/Relationships Family/Friends Career/Work Breakups/Divorce Pets/Animals
Skills & Methods
Clairaudient Clairsentient Empath Clairvoyant Medium
Approach to Topics
If you need a detailed reading into the feelings, thoughts, motives and desires of another person, I am the reader for you.

Because I read people with extremely accuracy, I specialize in love, business strategy, family, and relationship dynamics. I am often told I read people as if I have known them their whole lives. I am quick, honest, and straight to the point. I will not tell you fairy tales. What I see is what you get.
My predictions are clear and accurate.
You are safe with me. I will not play mind games to keep you on the phone.

With my Clairvoyance I see pictures that give will you accurate answers to your questions. With my Clairaudiance I hear messages from Guides and Angels. As an extreme Empath, I can strongly feel people's emotions. If you or the person you are asking about has been crying, I may start to cry as well. As a Clairsentient, I just "know" answers.
I use my gifts in tandem, so a reading with me is quite an experience.
My Spirit Guides are Josh, Jeff, Nan, Thunder and Mary. They choose who is best suited to read for you. Sometimes, you will have one who is intensely focused on you, and your reading. Sometimes several. They all are very accurate, concerned with your well being, sincere and wise.

I tend to talk quickly because that is how information comes in for me. I will also answer many of your questions before you ask them.
I will not ask questions during your reading. I do not need too.

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