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Honest, Accurate, No-Nonsense answers with timelines! Over 20 years of experience! 14 years on Keen. A Top Rated Keen Psychic who provides detailed answers and solid information.
The first time my gift manifested was when I was 3 years old. I told my parents about my little brother's arrival. After that, I displayed "uncanny" knowing of dynamics in relationships and insights into major events in my own and other people's lives. As I grew, I honed my gift during adolescence and young adulthood. I have always been fascinated with people and went to University achieving a Science Degree in Psychology. While in school I concentrated on Depth Psychology (favoring Jungian Analysis), Personality Psychology, Motivations and Emotions, Relationship Dynamics, and Environmental Psychology. Through University I became better able to put the intuitive information I received into accurate words. When I am not providing readings on Keen, I am employed as a Criminal Profiler and Research Scientist. I have also been employed as a Trauma Specialist.
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Clairsentient Clairaudient Clairvoyant Dream Exploration Empath
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I have been providing psychic and spiritual counseling for 20 years. I have been blessed with an inner knowing that has proven accurate and empowering. I receive intuition through guidance from spirit, infused knowledge, and vivid dreams.

It is bad business to give a false reading, so be prepared for the truth. I will always be honest and reasonable with my guidance and deliver the much-needed truth with sensitivity. I will also provide information to help turn a situation around (if it's possible) or what to do next. It is my goal to provide you confidence with life choices and empower you with important information.

I am primarily available for Chat Readings on Keen, so the following information should be of help: When you contact me, I won't know what you want me to focus on until you ask directly. To save both of us time, I start the conversation with the first impressions I get and allow you to interrupt at any time to direct the conversation to the area you're most concerned with. You will find my responses detailed with additional information. Also, rest assured that I type 85 WPM (average is 40-60) and will come through speedily. Sometimes chat gets interrupted or discontinued without giving me the opportunity to share every impression I have gotten for you. In this situation, I send free follow-up emails. Additionally, if there is anything about a chat reading that isn't clear, send me an email and I will elaborate for free.

For more details, see my Advisor statement below.
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