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I feel, hear and see what's around your energy and the people you love. During the reading, I will give you POWERFUL, HONEST PREDICTIONS that my spirit guides give me. Call me now!
Billy first recognized his natural born gifts at the age of 7. It was then that he began to realize his spiritual intuitions and learned how to develop his skills and trust in them. Throughout the years, Billy has helped tens of thousands of people with relationships, work, and life situations. Billy's clients include other psychics, the media, and people from all around the world. Billy has been featured on cable television shows and syndicated radio programs. He is honest, compassionate and uplifting in responding to what's going on in your life. Billy has dedicated his life to helping people empower themselves with answers from his guides and angels to live a healthier and happier life. With his background and world of experience you can feel confident that you will get the predictions and magical results that you need, so call now and take the first step in getting answers and moving your life forward.
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In your reading, I will give you characteristics, descriptions, emotions, thoughts, feelings and timeframes that my spirit guides reveal to me. I use no tools. I will give you honest answers, messages and visions as shown to me from my angels. These powerful, truthful predictions will help change your situation and put you on the best life path possible. I feel, hear and see what’s around your energy and the people in question. I truly care about my clients and you will see my compassion, empathy and natural intuitiveness come across during the reading. I am a fixer and have your best interests at heart. I will guide you toward real solutions and positive progress. I have been using my talents for most of my life in a no nonsense approach. I believe in karma and will not give you false hope. This combined with a warm heart and friendly voice will get you the results that you need. I only tell you what my guides are telling me and what’s coming across. I simply show you the details and visions and you decide.

I believe that our future is not written in stone, so if we are given an insight into what is going to happen, we can better prepare and even change the direction in which our life is headed. I am one of Keen’s most trusted psychic advisors and work with integrity and honesty. You are important to me and I will always be there for you. With my background, you can get your reading with confidence, so make the call now and take the first step in getting a glimpse into your future. I look forward to working with you.

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• I do not offer e-mail readings. I feel there is a much better psychic connection by phone.

If I am unavailable, please visit my group of hand selected top psychics.

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