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Email Reading Special-$3/Per Question. Professional and exceptional service with every reading. Chat available daily. Accurate and fast reads in all areas. Direct questions are the only thing needed! 85WPM+Your-Go-To Advisor

Reasons to try me, today:
I have 35 + Years of Professional Experience. I have finely tuned my gifts and continue to this day to expand my gifts to better helps my clients. My guides and I have been in sync for many years and the information that flows comes through clearly and for a reason - which translates to your situation. Because I have done this for so long, I am able to quickly tap into vast amounts of information for anyone, this saving you time. You don't have to connect with me for very long to get the information you need.

What information can you get for me in a reading?
Here's just a few!:
- What someone is thinking or feeling about you.
- What action one will take pertaining to you, or even a specific situation.
- Any upcoming shifts, changes, growth, or decline around you, regarding a specific person, or situation. (Like a relationship or money!)
- If someone from your past is coming forward, when, why and even how. If someone new is coming your direction, and how you will connect.
- If a connection will grow or fade away, if a relationship will fail or grow, if someone is cheating and so much more!
My guides connect FAST with me and all the information pertaining to your question flows through and I type it to you quickly and accurately. All I need is a question and you'll be left with the clarity and answers you need.

I am able to tap into the energy of yourself, the people around you, the circumstances you are up against and even see the overall outcome for several paths you may choose to take. I read quickly, accurately and with attention to the details - meaning any struggle or upcoming difficulties you may need to be aware of during your journey. I only need your first name and a direct question to begin reading for you.

Pricing/Discounts/Other Services:
I offer free minutes to regular customers and hold gratitude/flash sales on an ongoing basis. You won't need to connect with me long to get the information you need, so please don't be afraid to try me. I am currently offering Email Readings as well - $15.00 for 5 Direct Questions, or $3.00 per question. Email me to begin.

Additional Information:
If you ever have trouble getting a hold of me, please feel free to email me to set up a time that works for you. I am here for each and every one of my clients and will make every effort to provide you clarity and answers along every step of the way.
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Skills & Methods
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Approach to Topics
Check My Feedback! Proven track record, I'm fast, blunt and compassionate. Affordable services for every client, here daily and 24 hrs a day via email. Chat Daily.

***EMAIL READING SPECIAL IS HERE: Just $3.00 per question or 5 direct questions for $15.00. Email me your questions to start. These are done within hours! Just as much detail as a chat reading.***

I have been doing professional readings for over 35 years and have helped thousands of people in all intimate areas of their lives - I am here through chat at all different hours and can be reached when you need insight the quickest.

I am a no-nonsense reader, meaning that I am quick and to the point with the information that comes through - never rude or sharp, just to the point and absolutely not here to waste your time. I am very fast through chat and information flows fast - please be ready.

I easily can see the energy around you and the choices you choose to make (including romantic choices and people you choose to spend time with), and I can help guide you down a path of what you desire, but also deserve. I'm here to give the detailed information I see, to better help you heal, understand, thrive and overall have success.

***Please know that I will not feed you a story to make your situation feel better, I will only read you what I see and will only tell you what is in front of me - never what will make you happy for a brief time.***

I specialize in areas of romance but can quickly and easily read other areas of your life such as career, finances and relationships that are outside of romance. In fact throughout my sessions this information tends to pop up on it's own so please be ready for that information to be presented.
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