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In this lifetime I've mastered the full range of the intuitive arts. On Keen I depend on my quick clairvoyance (divine sight) and clarisentience (divine feeling) to guide you to your highest, best possible outcome. I channel with my Spirit Guides and receive divine messages to serve your highest good regarding any situation or topic you may have a concern about. I've been blessed to study the Intuitive Arts at Oxford University in England, and have served over 125,000 clients from all around the world, in over 17 countries. I use my gifts to help others daily - and have become a trusted heart-centered reader that is extraordinarily accurate, genuine, honest and detailed. My readings are unique and empowering and it's my goal to help you get what you want out of this lifetime.
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My name is Meredith Froemke with Soul Navigation. My integrity guides me in my work. I'm a deeply compassionate reader - and will always be a safe place for clients to come to. On Keen I need no tools, as I channel divine answers from my Spirit Guides. I'm a Master of the Intuitive Arts and can instantaneously receive answers that you most need, right now. I'm genuine, quick, detailed, honest - and my accuracy is uncanny. Not everyone will like me, as I don't give superficial answers. I am a truth seeker - and will never fabricate an outcome for you. If you are seeking the deeper truth - then I am the reader for you. NOTE: If you are calling for a SPECIFIC date as in, "when will he call? what day will I see him?" I am so sorry but I don't receive information quite like that. I don't get dates, like "May 24th at 3pm". I can see motivations and desires, but timing is free will and it's also very tricky. Please don't disappoint yourself in purchasing 3 minutes to call me just for a date and time. I CAN in fact do timing, but this is after I have built a relationship and rapport with you over time. It's a fragile prediction at best, and if you find a brilliant timing reader, do let me know so I can refer all those calls to them.
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