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4 Email Question/$9.99 Sale!My readings are professionally crafted and delivered quickly. Your first name, and a direct question are all I need-no minimum time requirements, dobs, or star signs required. New client friendly!

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Every fiber of my being, every ounce of my energy, and every single piece of my gifts are used in your reading. I require no date of births, no minimum amount of time for us to connect, and no star signs in order to read for you. What I do require is simple: Your first name, the first name of anyone you are asking about, and a clear direct question.

When connecting with me you can be rest assured that our readings are private, treated professionally and with respect, and above all else – are clearly outlined with information you can count on. I work hard with my Guides and on my gifts to ensure that I only pass along accurate information pertaining to your questions, and overall reading, as clearly and easy to understand as possible.

Although I specialize in all areas of romance and romantic partnerships, my gifts relate to being able to read one’s energy and auras, thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions and even desire that they may have towards yourself, or someone else. I am able to read one’s upcoming actions (such as conversation and what it pertains to), one’s desires (such as if they want a real relationship or just brief interactions) and even one’s perception of you (such as if they find you attractive, if they value you, if they think less of you) and so much more.

My gifts are multi-dimensional (Clair-everything, Empath, and even Visions) however to avoid extreme exhaust of my gifts and energy, I provide most of my readings through live chats at this time. This allows me to read for you for a longer period of time and without needing longer breaks to re-charge. This also allows me to hear Spirit and the information coming through loudly, and clearly. This also allows me to connect with your Guides, and even a 3rd party’s Guide too. Phone sessions are brought back and available - please feel free to arrange a call-back.

My readings are spiritually charged, professionally crafted and guided from only the highest good. I sincerely welcome you and thank you for trusting me with your reading, and I truly feel blessed to be of service to you – and your most cherished questions.
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I am not here to waste your time or money, I am here to help to the best of my abilities and get you answers FAST. Every reading is non-judgmental, private and held with the most respect possible. When you choose me as your reader, I will answer your direct question with what I see, and provide you as much information into the "why" and "how" of your question.

I am not here to tell you what to do, I am here to help you fully understand whatever problem that has been presented to you, what options you have that may not have been clear, and ultimately what other are feeling and doing too. My goal is to give you as much clarity as possible, no matter how long we are connected for.

All I need is your first name, name of anyone you are asking about and a direct question. I do not do general readings, and I will ask you for your specific question if you request a general reading. I don't need D.O.B's, star signs, or birth times.

I read the energy, thoughts, emotions, ultimate outcomes, upcoming actions, any warnings, dramatic and subtle changes plus so much more on thousands of issues and situations, plus all people involved pertaining to you or someone you are directly asking about.

I specialize in all relationships; that being family, friends, work related and romance along with all the areas and details associated with it. If you choose to ask questions outside the area of romance, I still require a direct question - no general readings are done by me. I don't require additional time, money, or information from you in order to read for you - once we are connected I focus on giving you answers as quickly and accurately as possible.

You will NEVER EVER be asked to pay for spells, or any type of energy work, and you will never be asked to re-connect with me at a later date or better time. I simply read you and give you all the information that flows through and all that I see. I do not hold back or add fluff.

I am not allowed to read on: medical, legal, gambling or lottery questions - this also includes baby gender and possible pregnancy readings. *Know that I require your first name, name of anyone you are asking about, and a clear direct question. Please be sure to send your question, one at a time, through chat. This allows me to quickly answer.*

NOTE: If you have been blocked from my services previously (due to abuse, fraud, etc) and you continue to make new accounts in an attempt to force a connection with me or my email reading services, this counts as harassment and the highest action will be taken.
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