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ARRANGE A CALL = ONLINE. I AM HERE! Empath and Angelic LightWorker, here to help in all areas of love and life. I read quickly, clearly and through my guides. Here to give you clarity you need!

Phone Sessions: (Please arrange a call/Appointments if needed)
I am available at different hours throughout the day and night and will work as quickly as possible to connect with you when you need me. Please know that I do take breaks to clear energy from each session throughout the day but I am frequently checking emails and will be checking to see if you are in need of my help so please feel free to arrange a call, my line is open and I am here.

Email Readings: (5 Questions for $15.00 - Email me to start): ON HOLD - 03/20/18:*I have been experiencing technical issues, will bring back email readings shortly.*
Know that I will need your first name, any first name of a person you are asking about, and a direct question. All email readings will be done under 24 hours and usually are done in just a few. Currently I am offering 5 Direct Questions for $15.00. I am not allowed to read on medical issues or death. If you include questions in your email reading that I cannot answer, I will ask you to please rephrase or send another. You are only billed after the email reading is done, not before - and not through the bonus feature, please do not attempt to send money in advance as I will have to cancel the reading with you.

Career/Work Family/Friends Love/Relationships Destiny/Life Path Breakups/Divorce
Skills & Methods
Clairaudient Empath Angel Readings Dream Exploration Cartomancy
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I am a compassionate, honest and genuine 3rd generation reader and professional lightworker. I am quick, non-judgmental and I read on several areas. I am not here to waste your time or money, I am here to help to the best of my abilities.

All I need is your first name, name of anyone you are asking about and a direct question. I do not do general readings, and I will ask you for your specific question if you request a general reading. I don't need D.O.B's, star signs, or birth times.

I read the energy, thoughts, emotions, ultimate outcomes, upcoming actions, any warnings, dramatic and subtle changes plus so much more on thousands of issues and situations, plus all people involved. I specialize in all relationships; that being family, friends, work and romance along with all the areas and details associated with it.

I don't use additional tools or require additional time, money or work from you in order to read for you - once we are connected I focus on giving you answers as quickly and accurately as possible. You will NEVER EVER be asked to pay for spells, or any type of energy work. I simply read you and give you all the information that flows through and all that I see. I do not hold back or add fluff.

I am not allowed to read on: medical, legal, gambling or lottery questions. I do not channel those who have passed.

Things change rapidly and emotions can leave us in the dark, but my Guides, Angels, and I are always here for you, so don't hesitate to inquire or contact! We can help shine a light on even the most confusing situations.

All orientations and backgrounds are welcome! Please keep your energy as calm as possible when calling.

****In the rare case that your email doesn't reach me and you have not heard from me within 24 hours, please feel free to send it again. This goes for past emails too - sometimes it acts up but I am here for you. I will never ignore you.****

If we are ever cut off via phone or chat - I will be happy to email you the remainder of the reading.

Love and Light,

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