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4-Clair Katherine is here for you. Certified Psychic Channel. Sincere, kind, fast, details and insight. Just bring first names and your most heartfelt questions ~ and away we go!
I was born with psychic gifts and have spent the past 20+ years developing those abilities. Besides being a certified Psychic Channel, I'm a certified Usui Reiki Master.

Reiki is divine energy that is channeled by those who have been attuned to it. It offers a gentle powerful pathway to physical, emotional and spiritual balance and healing. I received sacred "attunements" from a Reiki Master. This initiation opened the channels in which Reiki energy flowed from myself to others. The attunements are also known to increase psychic ability. If you would like a long distance Reiki session, please message me.

It is my personal belief that I automatically transmit Reiki during my Chat Readings on Keen, through my palms, as I type. Also, as a Usui Reiki III Master Teacher, I know how to send Reiki to anyone or any situation, from a distance. If you are open to receiving the healing life force energy of Reiki, I believe you will receive it, automatically, during your reading. Just open your heart and allow. This will allow us to connect even better.
Love/Relationships Destiny/Life Path Breakups/Divorce Commitment-phobia Infidelity
Skills & Methods
Clairaudient Empath Clairvoyant Clairsentient Reiki
Approach to Topics
I studied with a renowned Psychic Channeling teacher in New Mexico for over five years. I learned to connect with high vibrational, very kind, wise, and loving spirit guides who assist me with my readings. They help me answer your questions.

In addition, I always have my clairsentience (clear feeling), clairvoyance (clear seeing) and claircognizance (clear knowing) "turned on" during every reading. When you contact me for a reading, I show up "in state" and ready to read for you.

During every reading, my intention is to help and guide my clients so that they may live a happy and fulfilling life. I will give you the best, most accurate and authentic, compassionate psychic reading possible.
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