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Genuine, Gifted Clairvoyant~Accurate!~Kind~Honest
17 YRS on Keen~Rated 45,036~I also read w/Celebrity/Private Clients/other lines. Channeler, Heart~Mind-Reader, Love~Life Psychic. I've Reunited Countless Lovers!
I've been clairvoyant since my early teens; was being paid to do readings as early as at age 14. Read with me; you'll be amazed at my God-given powers to read into anything; and to help you! I have real magic in my readings, courtesy of the Divine.

I have been extremely psychic since an early age, and have since fully developed my gifts. I have many, many years of experience in helping people, and have reunited many soulmates with my expert and always loving guidance. Love is my specialty, but I can also accurately read on any issue in which you need expert, psychic insight.

I read for many famed and wealthy people; this is fact. And they read with me regularly, though usually in my private venue. Yet know that I keep my price down here on Keen, to help all ! As I am caring and value my God-given gifts, and am grateful for them, and stay humble. I want to use my Gifts to help anyone who can benefit or be helped!

MY CHANNELING OF YOUR SOULMATE'S TRUE THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS WILL REASSURE YOU THAT I'M A GENUINE PSYCHIC. Many customers tell me that soon after we read, the positive energy and light engendered by the reading (this is courtesy of the Divine from whence come my gifts) creates improvement in their love lives, and in life in general. Many of my satisfied clients have attested to this, and my special gifts (from God's Grace) have brought many (countless, really) estranged soulmates back together, over all the years that I have been helping people. I am kind and compassionate, and empathize with all forms of human needs and concerns.
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Note: PLS let the phone ring through to connect us: this sometimes takes a minute or so; so pls! Be patient...this will bode well for our deep reading.

As I am an Empath, I do need to know a little about your concern; this gets me into your energy field and the auras and feelings of all concerned. So please talk with me for a minute or 2 about your concern, as I tune in deeply for you.

And...good Feedback=Good Karma for your love life! Take a brief couple of mins to show your psychic your appreciation; the goodness will come back to you seven-fold. And, even some Free Mins! At the very least:). My approach is DEEP and DETAILED, because I am real! Thus, perhaps not super-fast~but believe me, this is a good thing; I'm a God-gifted professional, not a fast-food outlet. Full tuning-in is the way to a REAL reading; to the TRUTH of any matter you're concerned with. It's important to be open and polite to your psychic, as we strive to be to you: this results in a great reading! MY APPROACH is to calmly feel the specific energies of you, the person(s) with whom you are concerned, and any other factors involved; this does take a couple of minutes of cordial interaction between us, before I can answer questions. Channeling takes a little longer; I need to be fully warmed up, though sometimes it can come very quickly. My Gifts have reunited literally, thousands of lovers, soulmates~over the many years I've been reading.

I am at all times courteous and respectful; if I say your voice is not clear, I am NOT trying to get extra mins; I am trying to hear you so we can have a lovely, Angelic reading:). But I will not tolerate abuse; no one should have to, however sweet~which I am:).

Give me reasonable time, and I will amaze you! And yes; occasionally I will very briefly, refer to my own experiences~but ONLY when relevant, and always briefly! Warm, friendly interactivity between client and clairvoyant, yields amazingly increased insights AND accuracy which benefits YOU; as a great psychic I knew used to say: "It's good to share". A bit. :)

My approach is warm and empathetic. I love my work and feel sure that I can help you.
My Angels guide me, and I come from Love and a deep desire to help YOU with my God-given Gifts.

A genuine reading, is a mystical unfolding of truth...insights come to me as we connect, while we read (this doesn't mean its necessarily a long time)~~but a little time is optimal, to feel and convey my insights/predictions. Truth cannot be conveyed in tiny amounts of time, this is not possible...anything worth having or knowing, takes mindfulness and yes, a little time.
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