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Powerful Love Mystic~I Read Hearts /Minds~Experienced; Kind. ALL Concerns. I Also Read Privately/for Celebrities~I've Reunited Countless Lovers!
I specialize in Love; I can also Read deeply into ANY other type of concern~All-Around Powerful Psychic and Empath.
Adept in ALL the Mystic Powers. Trained by the Best Psychics to Recognize my Gifts and in How to use them to help others.

Clients say: "Simply the Best!" Not my words, but what my treasured clients say~and I'm happy to be the Best I can be for them~and for you. 18+ Years of 99.9% Rave Reviews from very satisfied clients, documented in my Keen Feedback section.

I also work privately for many happy clients. Very High Accuracy! Many years of Channeling Feelings from the Depth of the Heart~Feelings in the Heart level which, when Love is present, inevitably, manifest into Reality: Weddings and Happy Marriages!

Born psychic, I have been reading since childhood, amazing many around me.
My Gifts are from God's Grace and I am privileged to help others. VERY wide spectrum of Gifts, Knowledge and Training, in all of the Psychic Arts. Sensitive, Intuitive~never judgmental. I've been reading for 30+ years, evolving greatly in my Gifts. Reading with me will transform your life in LOVE and in ALL areas of concern, as I have the DIVINE GIFT OF MANIFESTING POSITIVE CHANGE~ Many clients have actually had contact from the errant Beloved One DURING Our Readings! Much of my feedback attests specifically to this.

ROMANCE READING and Healing, have always been My Primary Expertise: my other Gifts include Telepathy, Clair-Audience, Clair-Visualization, Mediumship, Channeling of your Loved Ones (or of anyone; employers, or friends for instance), Dream Interpretation, Financial, Work Issues, Hauntings, and so much more.

Clients tell me that soon after we read, (often, even WHILE we are reading!), Positive Energy manifests; contacts from Heart-Mates whom they thought were gone forever. I Read Deeply~yet, when insights flow, I am FAST! Let me help heal your Soul Connection so that you can live your Pre-destined, True Romance! I have permanently reunited countless soulmates. And have been invited to the Weddings! It makes me so happy to help others achieve their Dreams!
Love/Relationships Past Lives Spirit Guides Infidelity Destiny/Life Path
Skills & Methods
Angel Readings Clairaudient Clairvoyant Empath Remote Viewing
English Spanish
Approach to Topics
Availability: Approximately 6-11 PM Pacific Time. Or, you can make an Appointment Request for any time 5 PM onward. Please make any appt. request 1-2 hrs (at least) ahead of time, so that I'm sure to be aware of it. Thanks!

The most important thing you need to know about me is that EVERY Client is Special; I care very much for all of you, and my warm and psychic Heart and Soul are dedicated to Helping you achieve Clarity and Happiness; and to give you True answers to any questions which concern you: I use my God-Given Powers to this Sacred Purpose. I am REAL, and take my Gifts and helping you, seriously~yet I am easy to read with and very caring! NEVER rude or distracted; I don't even know how to be those things.

As I tune into your situation, (not long, no worries) I take DIRECT questions. Feel free to ask anything! I have NO prejudices, racial, or religious, none whatsoever; not judgmental! Open to all Seekers of Clarity, Truth and loving, ACCURATE Guidance. Experienced since childhood; Born Psychic. Detailed, Deep Reader, Honest and Warm-Hearted.

I've transformed countless lives and loves positively with my God-Given Gifts of Seeing. My Intuitive Powers go Deeply, and with my extensive, long experience, I can help you MOST in true readings of 10+ minutes, as I am REAL and of course, pick up most when I can read Deeply. I am Clair-Audient and can tell you exactly how he/she really feels~AND channel it all, word for word! I also read Intentions~many cannot. I access the Heart Level, where Intentions live.

My approach is warm, empathetic, and compassionate. I'm here to help you achieve Love and Success, and I can See into ANY type of concern. The Mystical Powers of the Divine Guide me to help, and I gratefully access these Powers to Guide you. Love, Peace, and Blessings,~Angelique

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