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What is happening within your life and relationships? Can I help you Please...I will be honest and do my very best to help you in any way possible...There is no dumb questions, thoughts or feelings and I have a good ear...
I have known that I was an intuitive since I was a young child. Throughout my teens and the same today, I am the go-to person for enlightenment. However, for the past three decades, I have been Blessed with sharing my gifts professionally and teaching others how to listen to their higher, yet, inner self. In addition, I hold a BA in Psychology, Marriage Family Counseling (Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Grief, Addiction, Sex, Sexuality, behavioral and mental health for adults and children), and a Masters in Forensic Psychology. All that I know combined with my gifts are for serving you and helping you to find peace in a world full of stress and anxiety that can reflect disappointment. Please, allow me to help you be the best You, and the best You can be, from 2016-until!
Love/Relationships Breakups/Divorce Deceased Loved Ones Family/Friends Grief
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First, I am honored and humbled for my God Given Gifts and that you are allowing me to be a part of your personal life. I am honest and straightforward, but not rude, judgmental or insensitive to your emotional state or current situations. I do not play Guessing Games… LIE… Or Sugarcoat what I see. If I do not see anything you are asking, that too, I am honest about. I am human and fallible. I am not a God and will never proclaim to be All Seeing or All Knowing. My name is Alberta, not Jesus. So Please, Remember nothing in life is 100% except death and taxes. However, my life’s goal is to help all the Lord sends to me. I am here to help you move into a positive light. So when you call on me, PLEASE, allow yourself to open up, relax, and be prepared to feel like you're speaking out loud to yourself or supper compassionate friend or family member that will not tell your business. Please be honest, this allows me to recognize possible issues and help you to view and connect with your spiritual abilities, know the difference between being emotionally driven or spiritually driven. My Gifts are for helping you find and stay on a productive life’s path.
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