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I am an empath. I will use my empathic abilities to pick up how the person feels about you and I will use tarot to give an in depth reading about your situation.
In order to use my empathic abilities I will ask you to avoid thinking about the person or situation and give me the name of the person you are asking about THREE times immediately followed by your names together twice ( always stating your name AFTER their name so I can draw from them to you). I will ask you to give me the names at a slow to moderate pace so I can draw them in and pick up how they feel about you ( this usually takes about 7-9 seconds, but even in the case of 4 syllable names it only takes a maximum of 13 seconds). I actually shuffle your cards while you are giving me the names so it doesn't actually take any extra time at all. Please don't rush through the names. Giving me the names too quickly is the equivalent of flashing a picture in front of my face and quickly removing it. Even though I'd be able to see the picture I wouldn't be able to decipher exactly what I saw. If you choose to rush through the names you will not be saving yourself any time. In fact, you will only be wasting the time you spent rushing through the names because I won't be able to give you the insight I could have if you'd given them to me at a slow to moderate pace, allowing me to pick things up and clearly decipher what was being revealed to me. If you choose not to give me the names the way that I requested I may ask you to give them to me again because I know that once I am in the person's energy I can provide you with far more insight than I could with just my cards and my goal is to give you the best reading possible with all the information you need . After you've given me the names I will tell you what I picked up empathically while I am laying your cards to give you the most information in the shortest period of time. After I lay your cards ( I lay them in a very specific way to make sure the reading is accurate), I will tell you in detail what the spread is revealing to me about how the person feels, the root of the situation, what is influencing things, where things are headed into the near and further future, what the cards show will inevitably happen on your current path, what they fear or desire, what your outcome is on your current path,etc. My readings are really thorough and detailed in regards to what the person may be thinking or feeling in regards to you and/or the situation. The best way to help ensure a detailed reading is to give me the names in the specific way that I ask. I will always be honest with you. I will not feed you fairytales and tell you that everyone is your soulmate or twin flame. If your path is positive I will tell you and if it is negative I will tell you that as well. If your reading reveals that things are heading in a negative direction I will ask you if you want to see if there is a way to alter your path through your actions because I believe readings are a tool you can use to get the insight you need to create the life you desire. Sometimes you can alter things in your favor and sometimes your own free will is not enough to change a path. However, being aware of what truly lies ahead of you empowers you. I am kind and respectful so I expect this in return from all of my clients. I will not remain on the line with anyone who is disrespectful or abusive. If you are not open to the truth of what the reading may reveal please do not call. If you are so negative that you will insist that things must be negative even if they show up positive then please do not call me. If you refuse to accept the truth if your path shows up negative then please do not call me. If you insist on assessing the accuracy of my reading based upon what other readers have told you then please do not call me. Often times I am the only one who has been accurate and the only one willing to tell the truth. If you like my honest approach then Call Now!
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