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My name is Dawn Maree and I am a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Empathic, and I am also a Medium. My whole life's purpose is to help guide you through life's toughest times. I have over 20yrs. experience. Mitakuye Oyasin...
The picture below in my Advisor Statement, is the cover photo of my new newly published, Auto-Biography, Part I, Book I. The Buy It Now button below the cover photo of my book, gives you access to knowing my entire background and life. It was who I was in the first 32 years of my life. Part II of my Auto-Biography will be published here by October of this year. Book II of my Auto-Biography will tell you how I made my change, into who I am now, and will be coming soon!

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I tell the truth...and nothing but the truth of what I see and sense! I listen not to just what you say, but also to what you don't say. I am just a messenger, literally REPEATING what Spirit is telling me in their message to you. I DO NOT FINISH OTHER PSYCHICS READINGS. If you have gotten a prediction from another psychic adviser, it is best to NOT put confusion in the energy field by getting multiple other readings from other psychic advisers. If you choose to get multiple readings you will have a tendency to shift the prediction. I DO NOT DO GENERAL READINGS! If you ask a general question, I will get a general, unclear answer from Spirit. If you focus on a detailed question and ask, I get a very detailed answer. Spirit LOVES it when we, as humans, ask SPECIFIC questions. Human timing is based an quantitive increments, Spirit timing is based on feeling, and when, "the time is right," for all people involved in any given situation. Astrological influences will also shift timing. Also, human energy is mutable when we are not in a positive energy, and if we focus on a prediction, WE WILL CHANGE BOTH THE PREDICTION AND TIMING. Knowing this I DO NOT GUARANTEE time frames. If you want to know what shifted the timing of a prediction, Spirit would love to explain in detail what happened. Just one more thing in my approach is that we are creators, and we are responsible for what we create in our lives. I am both humbled and honored when people come to me to see the future path of where they are going. If you DO NOT like what is predicted in your future, it is YOUR responsibility to change it. Please know and understand that when we are in a feeling of fear, anger, depression, and sadness, we create everything that we are hurt by, regret, and are afraid of. When we take the time to release all of our negative emotions and soul injuries, and are able to go into a better feeling place in our lives, we create all of our goals and dreams in both finances and relationships! Be blessed and much love to you.
Dawn Maree
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