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My name is Dawn Maree and I am a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Empathic, and I am also a Medium. My whole life's purpose is to help guide you through life's toughest times. I have over 20yrs. experience. Mitakuye Oyasin...
I inherited my gifts as a child. I was born still knowing what it is like to be in the Spirit world. I have been using my gifts consciously since I was 11 years old. I started working for websites doing psychic phone readings back in 2011, but then a strong fear of being looked at as "weird" by society, of being an outcast in my family, and of being wrong in my gifts surfaced, so I ran back into working other mundane jobs for a living. Spirit still called me back, so I ran to college to finish my degree in Psychology, which I did, graduating in the top of my class. Spirit still called me, and I refused to listen. Finally, Spirit took drastic measures, and blocked me from earning an income anywhere, even day labor, and I found myself homeless in Portland, OR. Spirit still quietly called me to get back on the phones, and this time, got my attention. So, it was at this point that I willingly faced my fears head-on, and got back on the phones for one reason, and one reason only. That reason was soley to raise at least one persons vibration, relieve one person's fear, and bring one person into a better feeling place a day. So do I get the dreaded one-star rating? The answer is yes. Does it scare me? Not a bit, because I either learn from it, or I teach another person how to raise their vibration from it. You see, I learn as much from you, as you learn from me. I am just a humble servant, no greater than the least of you. I will be here until Spirit cuts off my income, and moves me away from here in a different direction, which will probably take place when I finish my auto-biography. Until then, I am here for you.

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I was born into an environment of betrayal, abuse and abandonment, and was given special gifts with which to not only help myself, but also others, too. In my life I have learned that acceptance, forgiveness, love, and truth are the strongest elements that we have in physical form, in which we create beauty, happiness, joy, peace, abudance, and connectedness with others. My specialty is helping others identify for themselves the different relationship connections of Karmic Soulmates, Soulmates, False Twins, and Twin flames. Yes, I have known and felt all these connections for myself, BUT Spirit does NOT allow me to tell you what the connection is exactly that you have with another romantically. Does Spirit tell me what it is regardless? The answer is yes, but the most unloving act I could ever do is tell you, because if someone else tells you, without you really feeling it, then you will ALWAYS doubt the connection. Instead, I help you learn, feel, and understand what your current romantic connection is. My purpose is to guide you in finding the strongest romantic connection for yourself. In feeling and knowing this most valuable information for yourself, you will NEVER doubt the connection! Yes, I can see future, and I can talk with Spirit and loved ones that have crossed over into the Spirit world. Yes, I read energy, and I can feel what others are feeling. Yes, I am noted by others to be fast and accurate. But to me, that is not what is the most important use of my gifts. To me, the most important use of my gifts is to show others how to heal their own souls, as I have chosen to do. You see, to me, the most important use of my gifts is to teach others to become a person that shines and radiates in their soul essence, and to live a life filled with abundance, a sense of safety, and a whole sense of well-being. I do this by teaching the law of attraction, the law of energy, the law of faith, and most importantly the law of love. My goal is to teach others to graduate and not need me, but rather to have their own relationship with Spirit, to use their own intuition and gifts, and to pass it on to a world that desprately needs it!
Mitakuye Oyasin ~~~ We are ALL related.
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