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Call One of Keen's most Top Rated Medium. Virginia is the go to Medium for accuracy , and high rated feedback from 1,000's of Customers. She has Proved her Authenticity over and over with Validations that will blow you away
Virginia's background is long and extensive. She was born in San Francisco to Italian emigrants. She realized her Gifts at the age of three, and was Guided by her Maternal Grandmother who was very Gifted. Over the years she owned and practiced her Gifts. She began doing readings as a young girl and as time went on and word got out she was helping people and realized an awesome responsibility. Because she was raised as a devout Catholic she sometimes with drew and was concerned about her Gifts. Her Spirit Guide, made herself known and she was receiving information from Spirit to help others. She still uses that same technique today. Her Guide delivers information by using emotions, and feelings and gives validations such as names, dates, and other vital information. There is no doubt that the validations are correct.
Approach to Topics
My approach is by using the snap shots Spirit gives me as I do your Reading. It is very interesting how Spirit will use certain memories and experience the Client has gone through to help move someone forward. Sometimes past lives will come up if it helps to understand why something is not working in your life. I first clear my own thoughts, and emotions before beginning a reading. Validations are the key.
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