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I have been psychic all of my life, a gift handed down from mother to daughter for generations. As a trusted, accurate and compassionate medium for over 20 years, I can also help you to connect with loved ones on the other side. Over the years I have evolved into much more than a psychic, medium or tarot reader. I have a thriving life coach business and find that being psychic and being a life coach go hand in hand for a healthier future and better decision making. I love to help others by communicating with spirit to find their highest self and to help them live a happier and more connected life. :)
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My reading style is specific questions. Please do not start your session with questions like; What do you see for my future? or what do you see for my love life? Instead, please ask the question that was on your mind when you pushed the call or chat button. I would like to give you the information you really want. So ask! Don't be afraid. We are on the same side and I am here to help. I will not give you long paragraphs about things you have not asked me. So again, please ask ;) My approach to readings is a simple and direct relaying of what the guides and the universe are showing me. If you would like a general reading it will be done with a card spread of either 5 or 10 cards. I will try and seek 1 loved one of your choosing during a medium reading. Trying to contact more than one compromises the integrity of the reading by confusing the energy. Although I am a very compassionate reader, sometimes the direct truth hurts and I am sorry for that. But sugar coating is not my style. I cannot call you a liar if you lie to me. So if you do, I will be reading on the lie. I will not contradict you, it isn't good business to call your clients a liar. I'm sure you understand ;) I will never tell you what you should or should not do. Free will gives you choices. I am here to give you information to help you choose. If you are looking for someone that pulls no punches, but gives true and accurate information without speaking or writing a novel about it, I'm your girl and welcome to my Keen family :)
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