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RIVER W.F. MOON; PM- PARA ASL, CEO of WildFire Networks, Television - Radio Host, Founder of Spirit Lodge OSRC. Specialty Services Include: Zodiac Love and Romance Forecasting, Soul, Rune -Tarot Gazing. ~ Curious just ask!
I've spent my entire life as a natural born psychic medium. In 2000, I co-founded Spirit Lodge an Online Library, Study and Resource Center in effort to assist, comfort and inform the public. My passions and my endeavors have led me to become a television and radio host on multiple major networks; covering Explorations Into The Scientific, The Metaphysical, The Spiritual And The Paranormal.

" Experience First Hand The Natural Born Oracle Whose 5 Star Reputation And Spiritual Insights Are Sought After Around The Globe. " - Blog Talk Radio, DTM Wicked Radio, Tesla Wolf Media & Paranoia TV.

Mediation Services Offered By River W.F. Moon;

• Soul Illumination Session- The Mirror To The Soul: Bring To Surface The Soul's True Reflection As We Decipher And Listen To The Spirit Speak. Soul Mirrors Allow Us To Gain Soul Perspective. We Will Acknowledge The Spirit's Trials And Desires - Messages Of The Mind And Body Can Be Relayed To The Soul And Vice Versa. This Session Works Quickly To Complete The Harmony Of Mind - Body -Soul.

• Kaleidoscope Question & Answer Sessions: These Sessions Incorporate Various Methods Of Divination And Focus On Specific Scenarios Or Issues. These Kaleidoscope Views Will Take Us From Limits To Possibility And From Multiples To Probability. Kaleidoscope Views Are A Means To Study The Fast Forward Illustrations Of Desired Outcomes Alone.

• Rune Stone Oracles & Tarot Readings: Similar To The Moon Our Souls Also Pass Through Phases; The Runes Themselves Become The Mapping Tools Used To Illuminate That Phase. Runes Are Set In Stone; When Read And Deciphered Runes Assist And Comfort Us With Our Set Travel And Navigation Plans.

• Zodiac Love & Romance Forecasting: Every Relationship Is Unique And Fate Lines Weave Themselves Throughout The Multiples Of Love Sign Combinations. Each Zodiac Sign Has Its Own Way Of Expressing Love And Each Relationship Will Be Influenced By The Stars. The Stars Can Help Us To Decode Our Relationships And Better Navigate Our Love Mysteries.
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Divination is my passion and deciphering The Language of Souls is my life; most utilize my services when seeking to validate the mystery that is life after or before death. My divination methods are extensive; all will provide you with an exceptional private reading, and or navigation with your own spiritual and paranormal inquiries.
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