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Soulmate Spiritualist - Accurate Spiritual Reading
Spiritual Guidance with psychic energy readings. Specializes in all Love, Soulmate, Twin flame love Relationships. Accurate and honest answers with a Soulmate Love reading session with Ann.
Over 37 Years of experience with psychic energy. I’m a 3rd generation born psychic and born under the astrological sign Scorpio (The sign of spiritual energy).

I first realized when I was 5 that I was blessed with the gift of feeling the energy of people (Empathic). I first developed my psychic abilities through my teens, enhancing my spiritual gifts that include:
 Spirituality, Clairvoyant, Clairaudience and Clairsentience. Overtime my psychic abilities became stronger, and I was able to visualize the future for other people. I started learning and using the Tarot (Rider Waite) and became a Master Tarot at 22 years old. I'm also a certified Angel Card reader and Reiki Master.

My Spiritual psychic reading sessions consist of spiritual energy, using the tools of Oracle, Tarot, Angel cards along with crystals, in order to give the most in-depth answers with your relationship situation. I specialize in love, Soulmates, Twin flames, Twin rays, twin souls, past lives, Karmic flames. Helping you heal your energy, creating a positive spiritual balance.
Breakups/Divorce Commitment-phobia Destiny/Life Path Infidelity Women’s Issues
Skills & Methods
Affirmations Clairaudient Empath Chakra Cleansing Clairsentient
Approach to Topics
During a Spiritual psychic session, I will reveal the situations that will occur and how to avoid obstacles (if they are allowed).
I do pick up messages at a faster pace, remotely viewing and receiving information from spirit, interpreting the messages for you.

There isn't a Spiritualist psychic that is 100% accurate with timelines in this world. I have always been accurate for receiving a spiritual sense and giving a approximate time (if possible) of the situation ahead. We are sent in this lifetime for a purpose, things happen for a reason and some things may not be revealed through a psychic reading session.

We have free will with choices to make in our situations.
I will spiritually guide you to your true path, helping you discover the truth about loved ones, the true purpose of your relationship, if there is going to be a future or time to move on. Also if someone from the past will return.
Find out if you are with your Soulmate, Twin flame, Twin Ray, past life connection or when you will find your Soulmate.
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