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HONEST and REAL Psychic who cares about YOU! I am FAST, Accurate with TAROT-in Relationships-Money/Career-MORE! RATED 5 STAR FEEDBACK-17 YRS ON KEEN! REAL Tarot-REAL Dates by Master Reader! READY for the TRUTH??
I am a natural born Psychic-a born Seer-born with blood of the Irish and Cherokee. I have read friends, strangers, bosses, done Chatroom readings with HONEST and Proven accuracy rating all my lifetime to those who I have read. I am Voice Sensitive-a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Precognizant and Empath. I studied under some of the best experienced and experienced Psychics and gifted Lightworkers when I was in my 20s. I observed many things that shocked me, amazed me-but was told after working with me-I had "the Gift"-use it. I also do Spirit Photo Readings-where Real messages come through from your Guides or Loved ones-in 'real images' created just for you! (To View photo Gallery/info-please see Spiritual AD*). I work only in the LIGHT and with my angels an connection with SPIRIT in all my readings!

I have had 2 NDE (near death experiences*) in the past years. I have learned there is definitely an 'afterlife' and angels are VERY real for those wonder! Do I believe in MIRACLES? Most definitely! It's not about 'me' it IS about every person I encounter in my life-and how I can help them on their own journeys of life. Please NOTE that Feedback may be limited as I was NOT available in 2018 for many months due to I experienced a NDE (near death experience*)! IF you're led to call me-please DO! Spirit knows what you NEED and who-and is never wrong! I have had over 5,400+ Callers over the YEARS with 5 STAR ratings!

I am thankful to be living, breathing and know I have things to 'do' here on this earth still ahead of me-the most important is 'helping others' to know Life is Precious and every day IS a gift. I currently study and meditate daily-as I believe in learning as much as possible for expanding all of the "gifts' I was given. IF you call me-I guarantee the BEST 10-card Tarot reading possible! I stand on my word-and I keep my word. I also am in the process of writing about my life and death experiences-things I saw and things I've learned. I've also had training in Crisis Counseling-for those who've faced life and death situations, grief, suicide, abuse, addictions, etc. I've read 'all my life' but been doing Keen Readings as a Professional Psychic for 17 years rated as a REAL 5-Star Psychic. I don't do Legal/Medical questions.

YEAR: 8/21/2003
MEMBER: acct2885
"IF you don't want to hear the TRUTH, then this lady is NOT for you. She sees ALL the truth; and is kind enough not to deceive you. I found her very refreshing. I will definitely call back!"

If YOU are seeking REAL honesty, integrity AND accuracy that has been tried and tested to be true--please know I offer you ALL that SPIRIT gives me and more as a REAL gifted Messenger! Call me and use YOUR own judgement if I am 'the real deal'! I promise to give you the best reading possible to renew your JOY in life again! Please KNOW my PSYCHIC abilities always come FIRST in any reading along WITH cards (if used) and also timeframes given! It will be my honor to read you!
Career/Work Destiny/Life Path Money/Prosperity Love/Relationships Breakups/Divorce
Skills & Methods
Clairvoyant Clairsentient Clairaudient Angel Readings Tarot
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I am a 'NO-Fluff' Psychic-as I believe the REAL "Truth" is what you are entitled to-to help empower you on your journey in life. I always DO use my PSYCHIC gifts FIRST-in addition to any cards used. Master TAROT card readings are given in DETAIL--but cannot be done in 3 minutes-but I AM fast and thorough-not wasting time! Please be honest and allow time and I will guarantee you the BEST Tarot reading possible and fast! I do not 'prolong' callers OR will I waste time; but will give you a quality 10-card Tarot Spread FAST! IF you desire more than ONE spread and have the time to do so-I'll be glad to do that for you! I'm 100% honest and have read strangers/others with proven accuracy for years-thanks to Spirit and the many Angels that have guided me to share 'the Gift'. I do specific questions, do dates/timeframe information in ALL readings. Sometimes I do pick up names, descriptions of people, of places and important information. NO Legal, medical or pregnancy-related questions-per KEEN policy. I DO encourage you to 'take NOTES' if you call me and have all questions ready prior to placing a call! I always depend on what SPIRIT alone tells me you NEED to know along with cards if used! I am available normal hours 7 days a week and also holidays; 8-9 AM, many late afternoons or night hours when time permits. Hours can vary-especially during bad weather-so please send email if not available! (NOTE!**HRS MAY BE LIMITED MARCH 3RD-DUE TO STORMS!*)

You can call any of 1000 Readers anywhere-but I guarantee you-I AM the one who you'll finally call that will be friendly, caring, but totally 100% honest and caring enough to tell you the "Real" TRUTH. Isn't that why you call a Reader? Use your OWN judgement and call me - only YOU can see if I'm real! I am friendly, sincere and am here for those who don't want 'fairytales'; please call only if you WANT the Truth!
~ Blessings~
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