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Tarot with Jane will answer your questions quickly with compassion, without judgement only clarity. My concern is for you no false hope. When it comes to relationships, career, finance whatever is on your mind I have answers!
Tarot with Jane is a KEEN favorite psychic because I engage in your well being first above anything else I see. I do not judge you or your situation, I simply read whatever is on your mind. I can provide details on timing, situations, people, obstacles preventing you from achieving your desires or help with being stuck in a pattern of behavior. I will give you options and help you to make the best decision to achieve the desired result! My clients tell me through working with them that I have helped them save their relationships, careers and enhanced their lives in numerous ways. I am here to work with you and find the best solution to help you move forward in life with whatever communication, thoughts ,actions, and words will work in your situation you are experiencing today. Lets see what is happening now and plan a course forward together. I would like to assist you on your journey through life.

We can put together a plan to create a positive life! Whatever is in your heart and in your soul, I can work with you through my psychic ability to make your future more clear making the right choices to manifest your wishes and desires. Call me today! I look forward to reading for you!

My readings are unique and inspiring! Lets work together to raise your vibrational energy! Others will notice the changes in you as you watch everything come into your life after working with me regularly! Lets begin this journey today ! Call or chat with me at your convenience. Read about me under Keen Psychic Articles Tarot with Jane You can reach me daily Monday through Friday EST 7 am to 11 pm and WEEKENDS 7 am to 11 pm EST PHONE AND CHAT

If I am not available please try one of the readers in my group : www.keen.com/grouplist/11082/GHP/1

Destiny/Life Path Career/Work Love/Relationships Money/Prosperity Breakups/Divorce
Skills & Methods
Affirmations Tarot Empath Clairaudient Clairvoyant
Approach to Topics
Tarot with Jane has a unique approach in her readings that she personally developed combining Astrology/Numerology/Tarot to give you amazing speed and accuracy regarding time frames and details that others may miss. Jane when reading using this method also taps into her powerful psychic ability relating the messages she hears and sees at the same time. I am known to help get relationships back on track or help you move forward whatever is necessary.
Jane also uses another skill implementing the Law of Attraction to assist you in manifesting everything you want and desire in your life giving you the tools to achieve this at no cost to you. Jane will work with you at your request to teach you how to change your outcome with applying some simple rules that change energy and vibrational patterns through thoughts, actions and spoken words.

Jane can use her incredible psychic skills combined with tarot to carefully deliver messages received to change your course to achieve a favorable outcome in all areas of your life. Jane has been helping people for many years obtaining desirable outcomes. You are in control of your life, you can have anything you want, you can change your destiny with Jane and you can have anything you desire in your life. Read about Jane under KEEN/ARTICLES/PSYCHICS and see why you should call Jane today!

DISCLAIMER: Timing is an art which I am very good at seeing, yet I am not standing behind a rating on KEEN. therefore do not state prediction didn't happen when you mean that he didnt call because you meant the timing, because 9/10 you apologize to me a few days later but the rating can't be removed and they have called and I was right but my timing was off but the reading was accurate. I would respectfully like to ask you not to evaluate me on timing but rather on accuracy and allow more than enough time to pass, because after all isn't it the dream we are chasing and our happiness that matters rather than WHEN it occurs? Many times we find out we are not ready for certain events to take place or that the job isn't the right one, and it is the next one coming, or the relationship timing isn't right because we are not ready for the reconciliation yet emotionally and the timing can be delayed until we have done some of our own self work. Short calls less than 5 minutes are also going to be less accurate in nature.
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