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Put the future in your hands! Expert tarot wisdom! No fluffy jargon, straight and to the point. Every reading intended for your success. Highly intuitive and accurate! Be Warned: Truth Only! (Sometimes it hurts)
I was given my first tarot deck in 1982 when I was 14 by a woman who would become my spiritual mentor for many years. It happened that she watched from behind me, to my surprise, as I played with a deck in her son's possession. Having no knowledge of the tarot, I did what would be expected - I referenced the little white book that was included with it to read each cards meaning after I had followed its instructions on shuffling and laying them down in a pattern called "a spread." I read each one one at a time then went over the entire thing again and put it together in a coherent way that made the reading perfectly clear to me (the question I put to the cards was "Do you actually work and will you work for me?"). The results of that reading began my earnest learning of the tarot because the answer was a sort of "yes" along with "and you will find your wealth in it." My friend (whose cards they were) said, "That's what I can't do with those cards. I can't get them to make sense to me." His mother, behind me, then asked him if it would be okay if they chose to give me that deck and he said yes.

I spent several years practicing with her. The more that I did, the more I grew to know the cards individually from the heart. The clearer the readings became. The easier the answers came to me, and the more rapidly they would enlighten any situation I put them too.

Tarot lead me to many further studies and continued research into the occult sciences. I seemed to have a natural predisposition to the esoteric and occult theories and practices. These interests even drove me to University studies in philosophy, anthropology, and psychology (not to mention computers, English, and business courses). I come from the traditions of the Golden Dawn, the scientific research of tarot definitions, and the life philosophy of Aleister Crowley's Thelema.
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My tarot method is based on the teachings of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn tarot method, and the world view or paradigm of Thelema as described by The Book of the Law and the experiences of Aleister Crowley as described in The Vision & The Voice. The tarot is a complete system in and of itself. So-called "Oracle Cards" are not complete systems. The tarot method of the Golden Dawn and Crowley are based on a paper known as Book T. Book T was the first written instruction to include the definitions of all 78 of the tarot cards, it is the original "little white book." All other "little white books" come from and after Book T. As well, I have added decades of experience with the tarot to my own personal tarot journal of meanings. Meanings in "little white books" are mearly suggestions, keywords to help guide the reader toward their own understanding. Careful study of Book T can reveal all of the tarot's secrets. I don't read on "phantasms" of my imagination, using the card's images to spark my intuition, but instead use the card's images to work as mnemonics to remind me of the instructions of Book T and the various coded associations each card has within the entire deck. This, then, sparks my intuitions.

"Do one thing, and do it well," and "Speak the truth plainly, for the the plain truth is plainly true." I approach the Tarot with the perspective of modern psychology and human behavior research, not new age mumbo jumbo words that can mean "all things to all people." The only tool for divining the truth that I use is the Tarot. I have numerous tarot decks on hand (generally I stick to only two of them) in the event the question is more complex than just simply, for example, "how does s/he feel about me?" This gives me the ability to look into complex layers on a matter.

I do not need more than your question, and the first name(s) of anyone if the question is about them. The cards themselves are as much a part of the Universe as you and I, but unlike you and I do not resist the movements of the influences the Universe and your question impose upon them. They will answer specifically and without resistance.

I will ask you your question. We must focus on only one matter at a time (romance then career then a family matter, for example). After I shuffle and lay down the specific spread regarding your concern, I will be able to answer any question specific to that concern you have (without needing to use another shuffle even if you think it is a new question; so long as it is about the original focus, it needs no new shuffle or new cards). My method is considerably fast in this way.

Simply email your question and I'll provide a full reading using either my Thoth deck alone or a combination including the Mythic Tarot deck depending on your single question, focus, or concern.
Email responses may take up to 24 hours, so this is not recommended for urgent needs.
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