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Welcome To The
Mystikal Faery Realm

~ Spring Faery Sprinkles Special ~

The Wee Ones have told me that we as a people have reached a new height and depth in our lives. They are telling me to ask you if you wonder why you feel the way you do about your life in general.

  • Why there are bad days and good days?
  • Why does love seem to elude you?

The faeries have opened a new realm in this area and they want you to have the answers. They say all to often we seek selfish answers to petty questions which in actuality we should be seeking the answers that will better our lives so that we may attract the other things we need in our lives. They say when we seek the answers of "ourselves" first then the rest will come. The answers lie in the lives we have lived for many incarnations before. So come let's find the answers from the past together so we can begin to rebuild our futures!

Here at Mystikal Faery Realm we like to sprinkle the fairy dust on you. We are the wee ones who have broke through the Veil of Illusion to help you realize that we really exist.

I know you think a human is going to be doing your reading and you would be partly right. She helps us. But she is also one of us. She is half Faery!

We have taught her many things that she had long since forgotten and every time she does a reading, we wee Faeries are there to whisper in her ear the things you need to hear. If you listen to her counsel, you can rest assured she is receiving the wisdom from another plane of existence. The Faerie Realm!

So step into Our Faery World and dare to drink and obtain the wisdom of the Faeries! Also! Just one last note before we go to play some more. Please be patient while she is reading for you! She is half Faery but she still is mostly human. We Faeries are working on changing that. So please be kind. The wishes of the Faeries are upon you!

Please Read This:
I would like to request that you do not call simple to “test” my psychic abilities. The connection I have with the fairies is delicate and the connection they and I have may be altered if you are not seriously seeking answers. This may come back as an inaccurate reading as the faeries do have a mischievous side.

Brightest of Faery Blessings
To You All

~ Namaste ~


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