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Being an all natural bodybuilder, I can give advices on competitive male and female bodybuilding as well as advices on staying fit and looking good to the eyes of everyone and not to your own eyes only. In addition to this, I can create workout and diet regimens to competitive and non-competitive bodybuilders and create cross-training workout regimens to competitive swimmers and other sports as well. I also make workout programs for competitive swimmers and give advices for anyone who loves and/or feels the need to swim.

And as a family woman, mothers who are having problems in breastfeeding or having plans to breastfeed can seek breastfeeding consultation from me. This consultation also covers other problems faced during nursing your child/children like relationships, scheduling and other related topics that are connected to breastfeeding.

Anyone who has concerns about their child who is not yet talking but has tested normal on all tests in relation to speech development including hearing test, we can talk about this, too.

All callers are welcome. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions related to the topics mentioned above.

And if you just want to chat, you are most welcome here also. If you just need someone to talk to -- need someone to listen to you -- need to feel better, I'm here for you.

But STRICTLY, NO PHONE SEX, Please. Thank you.