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"Visualize and it will happen"



Clair, The HighPriestess will tell you exactly what she sees and then will answer all your questions. She is honest, sometimes situations change within a week or two, depending on your vibrations. YOU CAN ACTUALLY ALTER what she or any other psychic reader tells you, so be careful!

She will focus with you on your love problem in particular and see what can be done. Find out what his/her intentions are, and see how they feel about you.


When are you getting a proposal, or whatever? Time periods, day, week,-month? Verification for other readers also. 90% accuracy, 25 years experience.


Methods I use are Egyptian, Blessings, and Tarot cards, also of course our Guides! And both of our psychic ability.





Sedona/Egypt, Metaphysical Capitol of the World

~Fountain of Youth, Love, & Money qualities~



I would appreciate it if you would remember to rate me, I sometimes forget to ask. Thank you.

In over 25 years of doing readings, I have only had 3 clients who were not totally satisfied with their readings. I keep You, your Spirit Guides, and my Spirit Guides in mind when I do your readings. I am tactful, but I am utterly honest. Please do not be shocked when I tell you the truth.

If I am unavailable please check out the Sedona Connection Group