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Please leave a written feedback after EVERY call! It helps others and that is what we are here for! Please do not leave negative feedback after agreeing with everything that I have said. If you think I am wrong tell me so and we will find out why I am hearing what I am hearing!

Please leave a written feedback after EVERY call! It helps others and that is what we are here for! HUGS!

It is a pleasure to meet you!

I have been working with Keen since 2003 when I came over with the Live
Advice merger and I must say it has been a blast watching my regular clients
grow and learn with me as I helped them set their feet on the proper path.
In the past few years I was doing a lot of teaching here in Calgary, Alberta
and started my own metaphysical shop and so much of my time went
into the local community which I love very much. My company is happy
and self sufficient now and we have a half dozen amazing intuitives, psychics,
priestesses, and energy/reiki masters teaching and working to help others
and sell some amazing crystal products and metaphysical supplies to those who need it.

So now that I have people to help out at the shop I have freed up some
time so that I can come back to Keen occasionally and help YOU!
You won't find generic fluff here and I will not blow smoke up
your skirt/shirt telling you what you think you want to hear. My goal is this find out what blocks you from becoming the you that you need
to be to be truly happy! Whether it needs a listening ear or a bit of magick I can help
you find happy! Yes that is it! Your spirit is here on earth
in human form to be HAPPY! So how do you get there? IS it a guy?
A girl? A job? Money? A house? Nope! Let me teach you
in a clear and simple format how to become truly happy. You can be
sitting at rock bottom and I can help you take the steps necessary to climb up
to what is just out of your reach...true and lasting happiness.

Call now and let me get those steps started!

Or, if you need a real kick start and can't get a hold of me then click on
the Buy Now button below and get the lesson that I charge $140
one on one for in my shop for only $100!! I will answer any
questions that you have and follow up with you for free via email until I know
that you fully understand and have integrated this properly into
your life.(max 30 days) because 30 Days=Happy!!

In Love and Light!


Guidance From The Other Side!

I am looking forward to helping guide your footsteps with love, honesty, bluntness and the occasional kick in the butt!

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*For the lawyers! You must be 18 years of age to call! For entertainment purposes only!* You are solely responsible for choosing whether or not you use TheFae's advice! TheFae will not be held accountable for guidance that is misused or misunderstood. No one is perfect except GOD/GODDESS/UNIVERSE! By calling or ordering an email reading you are agreeing that you are asking for an OPINION based on TheFae's knowledge. Please do NOT ask medical questions (ie: 'Am I pregnant and what is the sex? or 'Am I ill?' Seek professional medical help! TheFae is NOT a medical doctor!)

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