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A lot of people are confused as to who this Red Hawk really is. Are you a psychic, are you a psychiatrist, do you use this, do you use that, do you have a degree, do you, do you, do you? So many questions are thrown at me, questions that really have nothing to do with who I am, what I am, or why I am. There's so many words that I could type to describe myself, but only one word seems to fit, and it's a word that I've heard, over and over again, used by those who have either listened to me talk, read one of my books, or watched me live, via the internet. That word, this simple little word, pretty much sums me up, and the word is amazing. It's not a label that I put on myself, I wouldn't do that, but it's a word that others use frequently to describe me, so I'll use it to describe myself, as well. If you want to know just how amazing I really am, come check out one of my services and see for yourself. I look forward to hearing what you have to say about my services. Have an exceptional day and if you aren't, definitely come talk to me.
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