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If you are looking for a very kind hearted yet NO nonsense reader, then you have come to the right place. When you call me, I will give it to you straight, but with kindness & compassion. Who likes bad news? I know I don't! So do onto others, is my motto.

It's disheartening when people either don't read the above or disregard it completely. If I can't get a good connect with someone, I will tell them immediately. I'm not going to waste someone's time & hard earned cash. I put my gifts & ability to help others first & foremost.

Second of all, please don't call me if you're mad at the world & won't let me help you pull that thorn out, then scream at me, hang up & leave your anger on my listing. I didn't answer the call yelling at you, did I? That part is just common sense, right?

So here's the deal. If you want a good reading, by all means please call me. If you want me to give you what you want to hear, please call someone else. Call a friend, your sister, mother, Facebook buddies, etc. I do psychic readings & psychic guidance & counseling. I have several gifts. My strongest one is that of being an Empath. I can get right into the person you are calling about & tell you what they are thinking, feeling & why they do what they do. It's not my job to judge why people think, feel, say and/or do what they do. I'm just the messenger.

With that all said, I can give you guidance/suggestions on how to handle things with that person, due to what I pick up on them, but by all means I am NOT going to tell you what to do. I'm a Leo with Mars, Mercury & Venus also in Leo. I am Queen of "You Ain't The Boss of Me" so if I wouldn't want anyone telling me what to do, I'm surely not going to do it to someone else, right? Again.... do onto others.

So what I promise to all of you is, I will treat you with the kindness & respect that you deserve. I will give you the reading as eloquently as possible while holding your hand if it entails "bad news". AND I will make sure that you get some good news, from my Spirit Guides, along with it so you know that it's not the end of the world. It's just the beginning to enlightenment along the challenging journey that we all must take.

I've had gifts since I was a child. It started with dreams and being empathic. Later on, I started having visions, remote viewing, and then the clairaudience. I have several gifts and am constantly fine tuning them because this does not come with a handbook.

I've been giving readings to friends and people I meet, for over 30 years now & I've been with Keen now for 9 years. I don't claim to be perfect because this is not an exact science. I also don't believe in arguing with people because I am the messenger and it's THEIR message. Who am I to argue with them about their message? So if you call me, you can expect compassion, good communication and hilarity because I'm pretty funny!

Not only that but I'm lightning fast, patient & a lot of times, shockingly accurate when it comes to nailing someone's personality to a "T". I can hone in on someone & give you great details into what they think, feel, & WHY they do what they do. It helps you understand the situation better & I can give you a game plan on how to deal with it. Especially connections. Those sometimes pesky past life ones. They can drive an intelligent, calm, sane person insane! But I can get you on the road of your journey; in that area, with some awesome real tools that truly work. Please feel free to search my name to read the feedback with my other listings.

Love, Light & Laughter,

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